The First ChatBOT Book for Art

    The First ChatBOT Book for Art

    A new way to learn about art and artists

    Today the systems of interaction and automated messaging are fundamental tools also within the art world.

    Museums, institutions and galleries are looking for new solutions to increase the engagement of visitors within their structures, in favor of learning and fruition of their collections.

    The ChatBOTs are programmed softwares to answer pre-loaded questions, where the user typing keywords or questions, starts a flow of automatic replies through the use of the main messaging apps, available on smartphones and tablets such as Facebook Messenger , Telegram, Whatsapp and through the Website, personal computer or even with the innovative vocal assistants of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

    In the art world the ChatBOTs are used by museums and galleries mainly to improve the visitor’s experience and the fruition of works present in art collections, offering unique learning opportunities through “games” where the user interacts and “dialogues” with the contents of the structure.

    The potential of “machine learning” applied to the art sector, allows a vast public to access the information of a world considered “specialist” with a simple and contemporary language.

    But the use of ChatBOTs for art now covers extraordinary and innovative roads that lead to new scenarios also in the field of publishing.

    Andrea Concas, Founder and CEO di Art Rights, conceived and created the first  ChatBOT Books “Leonardo da Vinci 100 DOMANDE 150 RISPOSTE” published by Mondadori Electa.

    An innovative and interactive volume where the user can go beyond the pages of the book, to discover in exclusive video, photos, links, news, curiosities, quotes and even “fake news” through ArteConcasBOT, the first ChatBOT in the art world: just type in the keywords that are inside the book to get access to exclusive content.

    The ChatBOTs are profoundly changing the way we learn and enjoy art and culture, with innovative solutions that allow the user to use these new technologies all at hand and smartphone.

    And you, are you ready to use ArteConcasBOT?

    Discover Leonardo da Vinci.


    Here the video of Andrea Concas “The first ChatBOT Book of the Art World” to discover everything and much more …

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