The importance of the Partners of an Art Prize


    Evaluating who they are, their involvement in the world of art and the awards they offer are all crucial to understanding the value and professionalism of an Art Award.

    Art awards are a tool for discovering talents, but also for providing concrete support and support to artists.

    New methods of awarding prizes have been envisaged, with greater awards for a higher number of artists.

    Cash prizes, services and opportunities for exhibitions and curatorship, these are awards made available by the Organization of an Art Award together with its Partners.

    It therefore becomes essential for artists who choose to participate in an Art Award to know the quality and importance of the partners in the initiative, evaluating the real value of these opportunities for their own artistic production and to support their career.

    More and more entities offer support for the enhancement of artistic heritage, promoting partnerships with the main organizations that organize art awards.

    Who are they

    Institutional bodies, companies, private companies, banks: the subjects involved in the partnerships of an art prize are various, but united by a single mission: to support and promote art and artists internationally by way of personal recognition and in the interest of a common good.

    What do they offer to the finalist artists?

    The prizes offered by the partners are various and may consist of:

    Cash prizes 
    Opportunities to support the career of an artist such as residences, exhibitions, online and offline training courses, consultancy, digital services
    Visibility and international coverage with contents and press reviews
    What are the advantages for artists?

    Multiple, because depending on the importance of the Partner, his involvement in the system and in the art market, together with the prizes made available to support the selected artists, the latter will have the incredible opportunity to be known and included in the sector, with a great plus for his career

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