The most used social networks for art

    Here are the main ones (plus one to keep an eye on)

    Even the world of art has now been literally overwhelmed by social networks.

    But what are the most used by artists, art galleries, museums, collectors and professionals?

    Social networks offer for each protagonist of the system and the art market unprecedented uses to promote, enhance or convey new business models in favor of their activities and objectives.

    Here are the ones that are being used more and more by artists, art galleries, museums, collectors:

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    Among the existing social networks, Instagram is the most used in the art world, with over 1 billion active users worldwide. The possibility of continuous research, the interaction, the visual impact of the images and the involvement through video content are just some of the motivations that push art enthusiasts and professionals to use it.

    • Profile posts allow you to create a “virtual window” where you can exhibit your works, promote exhibitions / events or art collections, thus creating unique content;
    • Hashtags are “labels” that organize one or more contents of a specific theme or content on social networks, apps or any other web service;
    • The Stories represent the possibility of publishing content such as photos and / or temporary videos, which create stories on ephemeral moments, whose duration is equal to 15 sec and remain available for a total of 24h;
    • IGTV is the platform that allows you to upload videos in long format full screen vertical format, but for a maximum of 10 minutes.


    Over 600 million users worldwide use LinkedIn as a useful work platform for creating connections, also in the art world.

    The usefulness of this social network lies in offering the opportunity to aggregate professionals interested in creating contacts, as well as in disseminating technical content in their own specialist areas, such as those that can be found on the Art Rights LinkedIn page.

    Given its nature as a business tool, rather than social media, LinkedIn proves to be a professional promotion tool.

    In this platform it is possible to present curriculum vitae, create technical content, as well as share information with an audience of professionals focused on specific issues related to art.


    Facebook is the social network par excellence, which despite having over 2.3 billion users, seems to be undergoing a drastic drop in use, increasingly in favor of Instagram.

    In the art world, the platform is especially useful in sharing video and textual content with larger dimensions than the single image proposed on Instagram.

    In addition, Facebook is still the most suitable social media for promoting exhibition events, as well as for sharing posts and articles that create a real “social press review”.

    Finally on Facebook you can create “groups”, open or private, where you can share interests and create attentive and active communities, among them ArteCONCAS – la prima community per gli Artisti.


    TikTok is the most recently born platform, which allows a young target to record and share short video content which today has over 800 million active users, a large but untargeted audience.

    Its use for the art world is still being tested, such as that started by the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome or by the expert and art entrepreneur Andrea Concas with his TikTok ArteConcas and art channel influencer Elena Soboleva.


    For this reason, today the world of art, even in full emergency from Coronavirus, thanks to social networks can have new channels to reach an ever wider audience of enthusiasts.

    And you, are you ready to find out which social network is right for you?


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