The rule of 3Ds in the art market


    The 3 D rule is the basis for the sale of works of art by a collector or his heirs. But beware of obstacles…

    When a collector decides to sell his artwork?

    It is said that the answer to this question lies in the 3-D rule: DEBT, DEATH, DIVORCE.

    Death, divorce and debt are therefore the basis of the art market.

    In fact, when these particular conditions occur, collectors take immediate action to recover immediate liquidity by disposing of individual works of art or even the entire collection.

    In the event of the death of the collector, the executors of the will will take over the collection, or the heirs. The procedures that follow the death of the passionate collector are many, but among the most common are the following:

    • The dispersion of the collection
    • Partial or block sale
    • The division between heirs
    • The musealization
    • Donation

    But be careful!

    To sell a work of art it is necessary to have the Certificate of Authenticity and, even better, the complete and updated documental kit, therefore signals a management of the collection that gives value to the individual works.

    Therefore, before selling, dividing, donating or museumizing an art collection, it is necessary to be in possession of the main information about the individual works, and this is possible only through a good management of one’s own collection starting from a proper archiving:

    • Certificate of authenticity
    • Purchase invoices
    • Contracts
    • Condition Report
    • Publications
    • Multimedia

    This documentation is essential if you want Art Advisor, Art Dealer, gallery owners or auction houses to be interested in the works and whose task it will be to evaluate the collection and to work towards its possible sale or splitting.

    Without proper management and archiving of documents for each work, the time required for the sales process will be longer, and the certification and evaluation phases will be much more expensive, including consultancy, expertise, due diligence, authentic or archiving requests depending on the artistic and economic value of the works of art.

    It is therefore evident the need to equip oneself, even before the casus belli, with a professional tool that allows a correct cataloguing and archiving of one’s own collection, which today becomes possible thanks to platforms such as Art Rights, the first to support the management and certification of works of art for the protection and favour of collectors.

    This is the first management system that allows you to:

    • Catalog and manage your art collection in complete privacy;
    • Sharing your work with the greatest art professionals, with temporary permission to protect copyright;
    • Manage the information of the document kit with the history, values, condition reports or exhibitions in a single secure, practical and fast document, a true work of art Passport

    And you, are you ready to handle your collection?


    Manage and certify your art in complete privacy and security thanks to the Art Rights Certificates
    Become part of the largest community of Art Professionals.



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