The Uffizi Galleries on Clubhouse

    The Uffizi Galleries on Clubhouse

    The appointments dedicated to art and culture continue on ClubHouse together with Andrea Concas, who after great protagonists such as the artists Emilio Isgrò and Michelangelo Paladino, the architects Cino Zucchi and Michele De Lucchi, the directors Stefano Boeri and Arturo Galansino, land on the social media of the voice the director of the Uffizi Galleries Eike Schmidt.

    Il direttore degli Uffizi Eike Schmidt (Photo credit: ALBERTO PIZZOLI/AFP/Getty Images)

    The director of the Uffizi Galleries, Eike Schmidt, participated for the first time in a room on ClubHouse hosted by Andrea Concas who in recent months has invited the great protagonists of the world of art and culture.

    Several present who interacted with the director. These include the journalist and art historian Fiorella Minervino, the Repubblica journalist and writer Annarita Briganti, the director of State Museums Roberto Concas, the journalist Bettina Bush and many others.

    La Room di Andrea Concas che ha ospitato Eike Schmidt

    Many topics were addressed: among these, museum strategies to “resist” in times of pandemic, the relationship between museum, new generations, and new technologies, in particular communication, the scenarios of change for the cultural heritage sector in the near future and also an indiscretion on the new set-up.

    “The work of the Uffizi is a team effort” – says the director. The Museum employs many professionals with different backgrounds. There are many questions on the relationship between museum and digital.

    “Yours is a vision of Museum 3.0, a perfect combination of physical and digital” says Andrea Concas. In fact, in the director’s vision, digital will never replace the physical. This is demonstrated by the fact that the various projects dedicated to children and schools during the last year in which school trips were prohibited, only aroused more curiosity and desire to visit the Museum.

    “We need to bring the new generations closer to art,” says Eike Schmidt.

    This can be done by working on different levels of communication with the aim of reaching young people by talking to them with self-irony and lightness, but without forgetting the importance of the content of the messages to be conveyed.

    Great attention is also paid to women, both as regards the choice of artists – the Uffizi has the largest collection of works of art created by female artists before the nineteenth century – and because the pink share of followers is 75% and on Facebook. that on Tik Tok and in general also on the other social networks where the museum is present.

    Una veduta esterna della Galleria degli Uffizi

    Eike Schmidt also anticipated that “The new rooms are already set up and we will inaugurate them the same day we reopen the Museum (probably within the first week of May) we are at the very last touches. At the very beginning of this new path dedicated to the painting of the sixteenth century will be the Annunciation by Plautilla Nelli which will already be seen from afar “.

    In fact, in this new exhibition, the director reveals precisely on ClubHouse, the importance of Plautilla can be admired, between Fra Bartolomeo, who left his drawings to the painter, and Andrea del Sarto, with whom the historical narration continues at the Uffizi.

    Everything is ready to start again, but you have to stick to the rules. “According to the point of view of various scientific studies – added Schmidt – most small museums do not pose any risk of crowding more than most shops. It is therefore really difficult to understand, when the shops are open, why at least smaller museums cannot be. Then there is an important study by the Technical University of Berlin that says precisely that museums and theaters are the safest places of all, when anti-Covid rules are respected “. 

    It is therefore necessary to be ready and rethink the arrangements and methods of access to the Museums. But the Uffizi are well aware of this, in fact they had already begun to rethink rooms such as that of Botticelli and Michelangelo which were previously accessed by a single door.

    Next step already thought by the director Schmidt, before Covid, the possibility of booking the visit online to avoid long queues and waiting hours.

    The Uffizi is ready more than ever to welcome visitors.


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