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    Art Rights becomes the first “artwork passport”,
    with a unique system of validation of information and documentary equipment by multiple professionals in favor of authenticity, Provenance Due Diligence  and higher trust in the market.

    In complete privacy, security and legal value, the platform uses cutting edge technologies like the Blockchain for Timestamp validation and the training of a neural network di of Artificial Intelligence for the verification of authenticity, market analysis and collection management with Art Concierge service, in collaboration with the main service and market players.

    Art Rights to Manage, Certify, Enhance, Protect and Earn from your Art collection, in complete privacy and security.


    Mange your art collection from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.
    Enter an unlimited number of works of art, update the information, check the certification status and share it in total security and privacy thanks to the encrypted temporary permits.


    Certify your works of art with the Art Rights Certificate , track the history of the works, the transfers of ownership and all the crucial information to enhance your collection.

    Become a Validator and earn from your certifications.


    Get in touch with the greatest art professionals to ensure, handle, manage, certify and enhance your works of art.



    Start now, follow the step-by-step guide, sign up for free, certify and manage your works of art



    By Clicking on the link below, verrai diretto a questa schermata, in cui dovrai cliccare sul pulsante “Register”

    On the next screen, you will need to enter:
    -Name and surname
    -Telephone number
    -Select your category (Artist, Collector, Gallery, Archive, Museum, Auction House, Professional)
    -Accept “Terms and Conditions” together with “Privacy”
    – Grant or not the marketing authorizations
    -Click on “Try Now”

    After entering your data, you will receive a CONFIRMATION email to the email address you entered. If you have not received it, check in the SPAM or UNWANTED MAIL box or go back to your browser and click on the SEND button Click on the link received to activate your profile and enter your password.

    In this section, you can choose and enter your PASSWORD to enter Art Rights. Click on “REGISTER YOUR DATA”.

    Once the password has been entered, you will receive an email confirming that the profile has been activated. You can access Art Rights NOW, by clicking on the “Login Page” LOG IN using your EMAIL as USERNAME and the chosen PASSWORD, then click on “LOG IN” If you don’t remember your password, click on “If you don’t remember your password, click here” to recover it immediately


    After entering your registration data and logging in, you can access the “HOME” page of the Art Rights platform.

    In the section on the left you can view
    -The latest works you uploaded on the platform
    -The latest works you shared In the section on the right instead you will find
    -The latest works that have been certified
    – The latest articles from our Art Rights Magazine Online You can return to this page at any time by clicking on the LOGO ART RIGHTS at the top left.

    You can insert your first work by clicking on “INSERT” or on “FAST RIGHTS”  

    FAST RIGHTS is a simplified registration procedure that allows you to certify your work by entering essential data.  

    INSERT is the complete procedure divided into 10 sections that allows you to record more information.  

    To continue with the quick procedure, click on “FAST RIGHTS” and immediately certify the main information of your work.

    Fill in the Fast Rights form with all the data requested in the sections and upload the main image of the work.

    Then click on “Save” to certify the data you entered. Now your work will appear both in the “HOME” section and in the “ART MANAGER” section.


    From the “ART MANAGER” section, select the work and click on “DETAILS OF ART WORK”
    To certify the data of your work and obtain the Art Rights Certificate, click on the RED “ART RIGHTS” button
    Select the sections you want to send for certification, confirm and accept “Terms and Conditions”, then click on “SEND REQUEST”.

    Your request ha been taken by the system, which processes the data through Blockchain technology.
    When the “🔗” symbol turns green, you can get your Art Rights Certificate.

    To do this follow these steps:
    Click on Art Manager
    Select the work for which you wish to obtain the Art Rights Certificate
    Click on “CERTIFICATE” in the management bar at the bottom
    The first page of the Art Rights Certificate is composed of:
    -The data of the work and the image entered by the user
    -AR CODE: a unique code that the platform attributes to the certified work
    -AR USER: a unique code that the platform attributes to the user
    -AR AUTHENTICITY: a unique code that the platform attributes to the Certificate
    -HASH: unique hash code in Blockchain
    -VERIFY LINK: blockchain transaction verification link
    -TIMESTAMP: Timestamp of the creation of the certificate -QR CODE: for verification on the platform

    Go to the ART MANAGER section, select the work and click on “DETAILS OF ARTWORK”

    Access the worksheet, select one of the sections on the left and click on “MODIFY” to modify or add information on your work of art.
    NB: The “ARTWORK” section cannot be modified, as the user assumes responsibility for the main information entered on the platform.

    Go to the ART MANAGER section, select the work and click on “SEND”

    Fill in the form with the requested data:
    -Choose the duration of the sharing
    -If you want, leave a message
    -Finally click on SHARE


    To convert your subscription, click on the icon at the top right and go to the “Subscription” page
    On the page that has just opened, click on “Subscribe”
    Still on the same page, a section will open where you will have to click “Next”
    You will be redirected to the “ORDER SUMMARY” screen, with your subscription data.
    To confirm the subscription, click on “CONFIRM YOUR ORDER”.
    Now you will have to wait for the PayPal window to complete the payment, if the pop-up does not appear click on “Click here” and complete your order.
    Your order has been successful, now you can use the Art Rights platform, with all its features, for 1 year!


    For more information, check the pages Help & Faq

    Alternatively you can send us a request for assistance, using the EMAIL you used for the subscription:

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