Which artists can participate in an art prize?


    Who are the art prizes for? Are all artists admitted? Let’s find out together!

    The goal of an art award is to recognize and reward the talent of artists

    But who are these talents?

    The types of artists who can participate in an art prize vary according to the admission rules established by the organization of the prize.

    The methods of selecting the artists and to whom it is addressed must be indicated in the Regulations, in which the intentions and selection criteria are made explicit.

    Generally to participate in an art prize there is no discrimination of sex and nationality, instead other parameters can make a difference such as:

    The year of birth

    Art awards are not always aimed at underage artists as well

    Educational background

    The artists participating in an award can be self-taught, have a diploma or specific qualifications, have attended the Academy or other Art Schools.

    Career status

    Artists can be emerging or established, professional or amateur.

    Past awards

    Sometimes it may happen that artists who have already participated or won prizes in previous editions of the same competition are excluded from the competitions.

    Categories admitted

    Fundamental for participation in an art award is the candidacy of works that fall within the artistic categories covered by the award.

    And you, are you ready to participate in an art prize?

    Photo credits: HOFA GALLERY


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