Who organizes the art prizes?


    Which companies are committed to organizing and promoting art awards? Let’s find out together

    The art awards have always aimed to discover and enhance new artistic talents within a cultural landscape of national and international importance.

    But who are the organizers of an art prize?

    The types can be many and varied: from cultural associations to private companies; from Institutional Bodies to art fairs and biennials.

    Regardless of the entity represented, the person who decides to promote an art prize must have the following purposes:

    • Enhance contemporary art and build a mapping of its current state.
    • To ensure that artists can be noticed by the general public and by the jury made up of important names in the contemporary art scene.
    • Create an increasingly authoritative and accessible art system by involving new players.
    • Propose concrete opportunities for growth and momentum for the professional career of artists.
    • Offer opportunities for meetings and discussions between artists and professionals for the development of creativity and its experimentation.

    In addition to prizes, these realities have always been committed to enhancing initiatives and services for culture and the arts, also promoting other types of events such as :

    • Cultural events
    • Art exhibitions
    • Workshop and educational activities
    • Conventions and conferences

    The organizers of the awards generally do not work alone but are always supported by important partners and sponsors, such as Associations, Public and Private Bodies, who want to offer their contribution to support emerging and established artists, finding new ways to enhance, promote and reward the art.

    Photo Credits: Mall Gallery

    And you, do you know the organizers of the art awards?


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