Why create your own Artist Archive

    Why create your own Artist Archive

    Having a complete and updated archive is fundamental for the development of an Artist’s career. Let’s discover together why! 

    All artists, whether emerging, amateur or professional, need to collect, preserve and systematize their artistic heritage, made of works, information and documents.

    For this reason, creating an artist’s own archive is fundamental for the preservation and reconstruction of one’s artistic career.

    The Archive consists of a database of works, in which there are images, technical descriptions, information and documents relating to the life of the artist and his works.

    Why should an artist build an archive of his or her work?

    The Archive is essential for an artist to:

    the protection, enhancement and promotion of the artist’s artistic and economic heritage

    – the construction of a general catalog 

    protect works from the risk of fakes and counterfeits 

    – the issuance of the authentication as a guarantee of provenance and originality of the works in circulation to support gallery owners and collectors.

    How do you create an Artist Archive?

    Making an Archive requires time and attention to the collection and database entry of sources, information and documents about the artist.

    Thanks to new technologies, today it is possible for an artist to create a Digital Archive independently, easily and in total privacy.

    Art Rights offers the possibility to its users to create a complete, professional and continuously updated digital archive, wherever and whenever you want, through its ART MANAGER service.

    The Art Manager is a management system based on Blockchain technology that allows artists to:

    • manage their own artistic production
    • enter an unlimited number of artworks
    • Update information at any time
    • create Certificates of Authenticity in total security and privacy

    What are the benefits?

    To have all the information about the artworks in one private and secure digital environment, where they can be catalogued and archived together with the complete documentation, from Authentication, Condition Reports, together with Loan or Deposit Agreements to Print, Online Publications and Catalogues.

    Photo Credits: Frans Francken (II), Kunst- und Raritätenkammer

    And you, are you ready to create your own Artist Archive?

    Start now to Certify and Manage your Artworks

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