Why participate in an art prize?


    The choice to change the career of an artist

    The professional path of an artist can receive a strong boost thanks to participation in an Art Prize.

    The art awards represent a moment of validation of an artist’s career at a national and international level.

    An art prize has not only a cultural value, but also a commercial one, because gallery owners, dealers, curators and collectors will begin to look at the winning artist with greater interest.

    So why participate in an art prize?

    An opportunity to be known and judged by industry experts

    The art awards allow artists to present their research to a jury of professional experts from the world of art, by coming into direct contact

    A showcase for Collectors and Gallerists

    The art awards represent for artists an excellent showcase of visibility towards collectors and gallery owners; the prizes, included in one’s Curriculum Vitae, become key information for evaluating the path and career of an artist in the eyes of professionals in the art world

    A springboard for emerging artists

    In the early stages of an emerging artist’s career, participating and winning an art prize can make a difference. Today artists have the opportunity to disseminate their work independently through the web, but participation in an international award represents a recognized opportunity in the sector to get noticed and establish relationships.

    And you, are you ready to participate in an Art Prize?

    Photo credits: Pexels


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