Women protagonists in the art world in the form of NFTs: works, testimonials and objectives

    Women protagonists in the art world in the form of NFTs: works, testimonials and objectives

    As in many other sectors, women have gradually made their way into the NFT sector, especially in the art world. NFT is the acronym for Non Fungible Token, i.e. something unique that cannot be replaced by anything else. To this day, this market is constantly expanding and is sweeping the art world.

    Women in the crypto and NFT sector: a few numbers

    To date, women active in the crypto and NFT world are growing and expanding strongly. According to some data, in fact, the female share participating in the NFT world has quadrupled, up to 12% in the sector today.

    As proof of the fact of how much women in the sector have numerically increased, just think that, until a few years ago, it was estimated that the female presence in the Blockchain and NFT sector stood at between 1% and 5% (even if he was already talking about growing numbers).

    Furthermore, it emerges that in Europe the majority of participants working with Blockchain and NFTs are between the ages of 26 and 32 (36%). In Italy, there is a significant number of professionals in the sector, including over 50s, with a strong prevalence of women blockchain experts, especially in Central and Northern Italy.

    Finally, it can be said that the most active women in the NFT sector are the British ones, following the traders in Germany. Not only that, a significant share of female traders are found in countries such as Slovenia, South Africa and Spain, while they are scarce in France, Italy and Switzerland. On the other hand, our country, together with the United Kingdom, has the largest share of young female traders, while France has, on average, the oldest.

    Investments and works of women in Crypto Art

    As regards the names of the women protagonists in works of art or investments in NFTs, there are currently numerous examples that can be reported. We see, in fact, Gracy Chen , Managing Director of Bitget , who was one of the first to invest in BitKeep , a wallet for cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

    Then, we have Eleonora Brizi , curator of digital art and crypto art, founder of Breezy Art. After spending six years in China where she worked as an assistant to the artist Ai Weiwei and the curator Jerome Sans, she moved to New York in 2018.

    Again, Serena Tabacchi , who is the Director and Co-Founder of MoCDA , Museum of Contemporary Digital Art, born in London in 2019. She has worked at the TATE Modern and Tate Britain in London and has been the curator of some of the very first exhibitions, international NFT exhibitions and events, such as NFT London, CADAF and CI Bloom.

    Digital 3D artist, Paola Pinna was born in Cagliari, Sardinia. After completing her Fine Art Digital studies at Camberwell College of Arts in London, she returned to Italy where she works as an artist, exhibiting both online and globally. Paola has also been part of the crypto art world since the beginning of 2021.

    Finally, Amelia Tomasicchio, digital marketing expert, co-founder and director of The Cryptonomist. He helped launch two NFT projects called “The NFT Magazine” and “ Cryppo ” and wrote a book on NFTs for Mondadori. She was also an author for several crypto magazines abroad and CMO of Eidoo.

    Digital art as a form of affirmation for women in the crypto sector

    As already mentioned, one of the tools that seem to bring women closer to the digital world seems to be NFTs, an example is the “World of Women” collection by Yam Karkai . However, there are many and talented digital artists, their works bring the female audience closer to the blockchain and bring concrete help to associations or people in difficulty.

    On July 27, 2021, digital artist Yam Karkai created World Of Women, a collection of NFTs on Ethereum . The collection consists of 10,000 unique pieces (in the form of ERC-721 tokens) created by the random combination of multiple characteristics. Karkai has chosen a model that mirrors that of the CryptoPunks and the Bored Apes Yacht Club, World of Women is ready to repeat the same success. World of Women, also referred to as WoW , is based on a system that combines individual attributes with different levels of rarity. Each NFT is unique and some features make them rarer than others.

    In an interview Karkai said that for the skin colors she was inspired by Fenty Beauty, Rihanna’s brand, the first in the history of makeup to cover the most diverse skin colors for its products. Indeed, in WoW you can find women with different shapes to reflect all the facets of reality. The collection was born with the intention of balancing the female presence in the NFT market, of creating a community that celebrates inclusiveness, equal opportunities.


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