13 Crypto Artists have made NFT works for Netflix

    13 Crypto Artists have made NFT works for Netflix

    “This Is The Robbery” (in Italian “A shot a work of art: the big heist at the Museum” ) is the new miniseries Netflix which tells the true story of the largest art theft in the world made in 1990 at the expense of ‘ Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston for a value of stolen works of over 500 million dollars.

    The four-episode Netflix miniseries, directed by Colin Barnicle , tells the clues, red herrings and speculations that have characterized the investigation of this still unsolved mystery, which spares no twists, most recently Netflix’s entry into the world crypto and NFT .

    Netflix has commissioned 13 Crypto Artists to rework the works lost with the theft, transforming them into NFTs put on sale until April 21st on the Knownorigin.io platform : the proceeds will be used to support the artistic careers of the crypto artists involved.

    But how did the most famous theft in the art world take place?

    Half a million dollars in works of art stolen in 81 minutes and never found again: after thirty years the mystery that still surrounds the famous theft of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston has not been solved.

    The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum was founded in 1896 at the behest of Isabella Stewart Gardner , a collector and patron who traveled the world buying many works of art, then designing a house-museum to house them all.

    The museum has a collection of more than 2,500 works – including tapestries and sculptures – of European, Asian and American art.

    On the night of March 18, 1990, at 1:24 am , two thieves disguised as police officers enter the museum and manage to steal thirteen masterpieces worth over half a billion dollars.

    Among the stolen paintings there are also canvases and sketches by Manet, Degas, Rembrandt and Vermeer to which “Concerto a tre” belongs, with an estimated value of 200 million.

    Despite the offer of a $ 5 million reward , none of the works were ever recovered and no one was ever arrested for the theft. The streaming platform Netflix has thus decided to enter the NFT market by hiring 13 crypto artists called to imagine the stolen works in a digital key.

    Here is the full list:

    Nina Hawkins, “Study for Artistic Soiree I”“Studies For the Programme I”, Edgar Degas 

    Nina Hawkins, “Study for Artistic Soiree II”“Studies For the Programme II”, Edgar Degas 

    Shaylin Wallace, “A Twig and Bough in Black”“A Lady and Gentlemen in Black”, Rembrandt

    Baugasm® – Vasjen Katro, “Portrait of the lost Artist into the Metaverse” – “Portrait of the Artist as a young man”, Rembrand

    REO, “Cherchez Laghost”  –  “Chez Tortoni”, Edouard Manet

    Kahled, “Countryside with Obelisk” – “Landscape with Obelisk”, Govaert Frinck

    ChelseaScreenName, “Procession on a Road to a Crypt near  Florence” – “Procession on a Road to Florence”, Edgar Degas

    Alexander McWherter,”The Storm on The Sea of Money” – “The Storm on the Sea of Galilee”, Rembrandt

    Leonardo Viti, “Ancient Gu of Change”“Ancient Chinese Gu”, Shang Dynasty 

    Dopepope,, “Dopepope Eagle Finial”, “Napoleonic Bronze Finial”, Eagle Finial 

    Hilly+ X23, “Leaving the Battlefield” – “Leaving the Paddock”, Edgar Degas

    Andre Oshea, “Three Ghost” – “Three Mounted Jockeys”, Edgar Degas

    Simulation Lab, “The Concert Disrupted”- “The Concert”, Johannes Vermeer

    And you, are you ready to discover the stolen works reworked in NFT?

    Photo Credits: Study of an Artistic Soiree I by Nina Hawkins


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