ThreadGuy Openen NFT: Jack Butcher Lights up the Web3 Community!

    To date 40,000 Threadition NFTs have been minted for the symbolic price of 0.001 ETH (about $2)!

    NFT artist Jack Butcher recently made a gesture that sparked a major FOMO in the Web3 community, namely the release of a custom ThreadGuy Openen Edition NFT, honoring NFT influencer ThreadGuy.

    Jack Butcher’s Openpen work

    Jack Butcher’s Openen project is nothing more than a collection of NFTs inspired by Pepe the Frog. A collector, known as Bored Elon, who is passionate about the project, has become Openen’s main NFT holder. On July 11, Jack Butcher offered well-known NFT influencer ThreadGuy one of his 001 Openpens in exchange for a Mutant Ape PFP, with the only proviso that he would have to keep it as his profile picture for at least 3 months.

    Upon ThreadGuy’s rejection, Jack Butcher decided to create a custom image of Openen just for him, done in Butcher’s geometric style, with colors inspired by ThreadGuy’s Mutant Ape. Not only that, but Butcher created an Open Edition collection from this work that was sold at an affordable price, with proceeds going to support ThreadGuy in gratitude for his contributions to the Web3 community. The overwhelming response and funds raised during the sale underscored the community’s willingness to recognize and appreciate creators.

    The motto “For the culture” has become popular, symbolizing the collective spirit and shared values of the Web3 community which has also seen the involvement of artists, among others, FVCKRENDER and Beeple, who have created their own versions of Openpen.

    The events related to ThreadGuy, Bored Elon and Jack Butcher have shown how cohesive the NFT community can still be and how much creators still want to support each other.


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