5 Italian 3.0 collectors you absolutely must know

    Research, possession, everyday life, sharing: these are the characteristics that distinguish the collector 3.0.

    Here are the 5 Italian 3.0 collectors to know

    The collector experiences art firsthand, making his collection “the mirror” of his soul and society.

    For these collectors, collecting art is an unstoppable passion that sometimes, by intensity and stubbornness, becomes a real mission.

    There are great collectors who have created collaborations with important institutions or allowed the creation of foundations or private museums such as Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Giorgio Fasol, Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli, Achille Maramotti, Beatrice Trussardi and there are still more and more collectors 3.0.

    Here is a selection of 5 Italian 3.0 collectors you must know!

    Scroll the gallery below!

    Umberta Gnutti Beretta

    Umberta Gnutti Beretta is an art lover and an entrepreneur, engaged in multiple cultural and philanthropic causes. For over twenty years, she has been dedicating herself to charity activities, to which she supports the support of projects in favor of artistic promotion such as the one that saw the international artist as protagonist Christo with his “The Floating Piers” right on the island owned by the Beretta family on Lake Iseo. Currently Umberta Gnutti Beretta supports the Fondazione Poldi Pezzoli and Fondazione Brescia MuseiPhoto courtesy: Il Foglio

    Collezione Taurisano

    The Collezione Taurisano is a private collection of contemporary art based in Naples. Started in the seventies by Paolo Taurisano, it continues to grow rich thanks to the passion of his son Francesco, together with his wife Sveva D’Antonio. It currently includes about 300 works and shows no sign of stopping. The Collezione Taurisano always looks to the future and tries to broaden his spectrum of influence, supporting the artists in the collection and promoting participatory initiatives, such as the residence organized at the end of December 2018 in the home of Modica, which featured the Romanian collective Apparatus22 as protagonist. Photo Courtesy: Art Tribune

    Alessia Antinori

    Alessia Antinori is the director of the Antinori winery with a history of more than 600 years and, above all, she is a great fan of contemporary art. In her private collection in Rome there are works by Edson Chagas, Rosa Barba, Yan Pei-Ming, Liu Wei, Ibrahim Mahama, Nicola De Maria and Yves Klein. In addition, since 2012 Alessia Antinori has been carrying out the Antinori Art Project, a project that supports and promotes contemporary art. Photo Courtesy: Marchesi Antinori

    Edoardo Monti

    Edoardi Monti is a young collector and founder of Palazzo Monti, an artist’s residence inside a noble palace of the thirteenth century, in Brescia. Edoardo worked for seven years in communication for Stella McCarthy. Inserted in the list of Top 200 art influencers according to Art Gorgeous, Edoardo Monti welcomed a hundred artists in residence to Palazzo Monti, hosting not only personal and collective exhibitions, but also concerts, performances, dinners and studio visits.  Photo by Federica Simoni and Mattia Greghi. Courtesy of Palazzo Monti

    Bruno Bolfo

    Bruno Bolfo is one of the five founders-collectors of ICA Milano, private non-profit institution for contemporary arts and culture. Bruno Bolfo’s collection is composed not only of works by emerging artists, but also contemporary and rediscovered artists, not necessarily famous. He also loves to collect photographs, mainly in fashion.  Photo by Larry’s List Courtesy of Bruno Bolfo.

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