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    Art Innovation opens the first Digital Art Gallery without a physical location that wants to revolutionize the way of exhibiting works of art.

    NFTs and crypto art are revolutionizing the entire art sector, offering the possibility of reinterpreting and seeing different sectors in a different perspective, including the one considered to be the most traditionalist of art galleries.

    Art Innovation is the first Digital Art Gallery that does not have a physical location, founded by Francesca Boffetti, with the aim of changing the way works of art are exhibited thanks to traveling maxi-LED walls in the main cities of the world.

    Courtesy Art Innovation Gallery

    Inspired by Banksy’s street art, Art Innovation Gallery will become a HUB to accompany traditional collecting in the digital direction.

    Collectors will be facilitated in their choice of acquisition of works thanks to the selection of artists who believe in the objectives of Art Innovation, according to fundamental criteria such as market solidity, innovation and growth prospects.

    Courtesy Art Innovation Gallery

    The Exhibitions

    Art Innovation offers a hybrid, physical and virtual experience on the streets of major cities around the world. For the whole week of the next Milan Art Week (as the first stop), dozens of NFTs will be exhibited in Milan.

    The centerpiece of the event are LED walls positioned in the heart of the city that will reproduce the works of crypto artists.

    Each work is accompanied by a QR code that leads viewers to the website where artists can sell their Non-Fungible Tokens.

    Courtesy Art Innovation Gallery

    According to Art Innovation Gallery “this new technology can no longer be the object of skepticism, but it is a fundamental tool for the players of the Art Market of the future: OpenSea, the largest NFT trading platform has transacted over $ 10 billion in trading volume. NFT in 2021 so far ”.


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