Art Rights is born


    The digital platform for a new vision of art 3.0

    Art Rights is innovating, digitizing and automating the process of authenticating artworks typical of the Artist Archives, offering this opportunity also to Artists, Galleries, Curators, Museums and Professionals in favor of the authenticity and to track the artworks history.

    One every two artworks placed on the market would be false, while in Italy amounts to over 218 million euros the value of the false works seized by the Carabinieri Command for the Protection of Cultural Heritage for the contemporary sector, which is continuously growing year by year.

    Behind each exhibited work there is a story, a path that involves the artist, together with galleries, collectors, auction houses, fairs and museums involving as many professionals in the management and enhancement of the works.

    Today all this information is forgotten, sometimes lost, even omitted, making the procedure for authenticating, attributing and evaluating works of art complex, also affecting their cultural and economic value.

    Art Rights becomes an information exchange and verification protocol , with a unique system for validating the history of the artwork and documentary equipment by multiple professionals in favor of authenticity , provenance and for a correct due diligence.

    The Vision of an Art 3.0 is concrete with Art Rights, the first digital platform with a legal value to manage, certify and protect works of art in favor of Artists, Collectors and Operators in the sector.

    An international art community where users earn, confirming the truthfulness of the information on the works, thus creating a value chain and a real digital passport of the work of art, private and personal, but verifiable in complete privacy and security.

    Thousands of art players are already creating the Art Rights Certificates, safe and not falsifiable, to demonstrate the authorship, origin and authenticity of their works of art, with an advanced technological system using Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, to protect the Copyright

    After two years of development and testing with artists and protagonists of the art, the professional platform is now available, offering its users an Art Manager to manage the collection, Art Rights to certify the works and an exclusive Art Concierge to get in touch with the best service professionals to support the management and enhancement of art collections.

    The time has come to protect, manage and enhance works of art

    Are you ready to use Art Rights?




    Manage and certify your art in complete privacy and security thanks to the Art Rights Certificates
    Become part of the largest community of Art Professionals.


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