Augmented Reality and Virtual Spaces


    Massimo De Carlo opens VSPACE

    Virtual Reality represents the frontier for a new fruition of art.

    Not only large international galleries such as Hauser & Wirth and Lisson Gallery, but also the Italian Massimo De Carlo has inaugurated VSpace, the first virtual space in Italy that presents a digital exhibition.

    In recent years there has been no lack of integrated technological systems in the world of art, particularly in museums and large galleries, to encourage new forms of fruition and interaction between the user and the works on display.

    Among these, Virtual Reality stands out, or a three-dimensional and immersive realistic simulation of a reality that does not exist, which can be explored through tools such as virtual reality viewers (or VR), sophisticated audio and other accessories designed to interact with the virtual imaginary.

    Virtual Reality has proved particularly useful in this period of travel to digital alternatives for the use of art, but not only.

    After the Hauser & Wirth gallery unveiled the launch of a new virtual reality platform ArtLab, Lisson Gallery and Massimo De Carlo also presented truly ambitious projects.

    Massimo De Carlo inaugurated his first virtual exhibition with the Virtual Space or VSpace project, a new immersive, walkable and flexible experience for the art world. After opening offices in Milan, London and Hong Kong, De Carlo opens a new virtual space which, for the occasion, presents an exhibition with works by the artists John Armleder and Rob Pruitt.

    Massimo De Carlo Virtual Space is the first virtual space of its kind in the world of art: built with the latest technologies, VSpace is a complete and engaging experience – accessible after releasing your data (name / surname / email / city ), to be walkable and visitable exactly like a real space, where it is possible to view not only the technical details of the works, but also their prices.

    Visitors can access the platform through the gallery website or through the Oculus eyewear hardware.

    Furthermore, thanks to its digital identity, VSpace is completely adaptable to any exhibition scenario: it is the first architectural space that depends on works of art, and not vice versa.

    About VSpace Massimo De Carlo says: “With our new Virtual Space we enter a future in which artists will have the opportunity to interact with architecture with unprecedented freedom, while collectors, critics, curators and audiences will have the opportunity to experience art from home like never before.”

    Massimo De Carlo VSpace was conceived and created with the collaboration of a group of web designers and IT technicians using real-time technology. Real-time 3D Virtual Reality rendering is capable of processing a huge series of high-speed 3D images, allowing the viewer to have a photorealistic and interactive experience 

    The result is an unprecedented experience, in an engaging space that defines a new way of enjoying art.

    And you, are you ready to visit the first gallery in Virtual Reality?


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