Banksy or Monet? The answer in the Sotheby’s auction



    Will Banksy’s “Monet” be a millionaire superstar?

    Tomorrow will be the fateful day.

    Show me the Monet, a 2005 work by the mysterious street artist Banksy will go on sale at Sotheby’s in London on 21 October in the “Contemporary Art Evening Auction“, with an auction base of between £3 and £5 million.

    The reinterpretation of Claude Monet‘s famous work, The Japanese Bridge, created at the end of the 19th century and now preserved at the Musee d’Orsay in Paris, is a tribute to the great French artist and, at the same time, a critique of contemporary society and its consumerism.

    The painting reinterprets the masterpiece of the Impressionist master with a brazen irreverence, alternating shopping carts and road cones with the delicate poetry of water lilies.

    And so, one year after the record of £9.9 million for Devolved Parliament that we have told you about here, Banksy is once again causing a stir even after the ruling by the European Union Office for Intellectual Property, which ruled that the artist could not claim his trademark – which did not prevent him from affixing his seal on the work now at auction at Sotheby’s.

    Last September the EUIPO – European Union Intellectual Property – denied the artist the authorship of the work Flower Thrower, used for commercial purposes by the greeting card company Full Color Black. It seems that the anonymity of the artist does not ensure the necessary legal conditions to prove the legitimacy of the work, and therefore the copyright.

    So far, the recognition of the authorship of the street artist’s works has been through Banksy’s official Instagram page, the only channel through which the artist communicates with his audience.

    The European Court has therefore ruled that Banksy’s trademark cannot be used to claim copyright on his works, posing an unprecedented problem of claim and infringement of intellectual property.

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    And you, are you ready to find out how much Banksy’s “Monet” will be awarded?

    Photo credits: Getty Images

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