Collecting Emerging Artists


    Start your art collection with the works of emerging artists

    The purchase of works by emerging artists, while representing the minor part of the financial transactions of the art market, constitutes an expanding market share.

    By Emerging Artists we mean those who, regardless of age, are starting to take their first steps in the world of art: they participate in exhibitions in galleries or non-profit spaces, their name is among the experts, if they talk about it, they begin to write about it in the sector magazines.

    Dazzled by the auction records reported by newspapers and sector magazines, collectors at the first purchases could often have the perception of an economically inaccessible contemporary art.

    In reality, those records represent only 0.2% of the market, while an abundant 80% of art transactions take place under 5 thousand euros (often under 3 thousand).

    For a young collector, starting to buy emerging artists, which are economically more accessible, represents a greater stimulus towards the creation of a unique art collection of its kind that has the possibility of seeing its artistic and economic value grow over time.

    In fact, although collecting young artists entails a greater risk for the initial investment, it is also possible that the collector will see a greater increase in the value of the work than the acquisition of one made by a historicized artist and with relatively stable prices.

    From the last report of Art Basel & UBS there is a strong growth of Millennials collectors who are buying more and more through online, where young emerging artists are very present with works with still low costs.


    Where to start to collect works by emerging artists? Surely it can be helpful to evaluate the artist’s Portfolio, which will include a selection of works together with the Statement and his Curriculum Vitae, all essential tools of the emerging artist to promote his art.

    It is necessary to know the market segment to which emerging artists belong, which currently fluctuates, from the point of view of prices, between 3 thousand and 15 thousand euros, even if, especially in Italy, excellent works can be found even at just over One thousand Euro.

    The gallery of reference of the artist, especially in the event that it emerges, is an important element of evaluation for the collector. To allow the young artist to grow steadily, many galleries, for example, tend to weigh the offer of works to be offered on the market in order to calculate and reduce the risk of low prices.

    For every emerging artist there is always a Certificate of Authenticity that accompanies the works at the time of sale, so starting to collect in the right way also means knowing the documentation of a work of art.

    Collecting works of art is addictive, starting with emerging artists can become an exciting journey.

    Are you ready to collect emerging artists?

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