Crypto Art and NFT market – the first webinar by Andrea Concas

    Crypto Art and NFT market – the first webinar by Andrea Concas

    A complete course aimed at Artists, Professionals and Collectors who wish to deepen and start entering the Crypto Art and NFT market

    The art market is changing and opening up to new frontiers worth over $ 340 million according to the platform.

    The race for Crypto Art has begun but are we sure we have the right training and tools to ride the wave of the revolution?

    Every day more and more artists are asking themselves:

    What is Crypto Art?

    How do you become a Crypto Artist?

    How do you sell a work of Crypto Art?

    On which platforms?

    And what is an NFT?

    These and many other questions will be answered by Andrea Concas, CEO and Founder of Art Rights in the first training webinar on the phenomenon of Crypto Art and NFT.

    The course, lasting 2 hours, will be held on Thursday 8 April 2021 at 6 pm and will be aimed at Artists, Professionals and Collectors who wish to deepen and begin to delve into this world, in collaboration with

    Step by step, it will be possible to find out how to enter this world and its market, how to prepare for your first drop, the opening of your wallet, access to the sales platforms and much more.

    Among the topics that will be addressed, both from a theoretical and technical point of view, there will be:

    • The phenomenon of Crypto Art and NFTs: the protagonists, the market, the platforms, the collecting
    • The Blockchain for art: tokenization, digital art, art business solutions
    • How to create an NFT and sell a work of art: discovering the main platforms
    • Crypto art and security: counterfeiting, copyright and useful tools to protect works

    How can you access the course?

    For ARTISTS, COLLECTORS AND PROFESSIONALS SUBSCRIBED to ART RIGHTS this course will be available for FREE to support their art.

    For users REGISTERED FOR THE FREE TRIAL, it will be possible to subscribe before the expiry of the 15 days by accessing the SUBSCRIPTION section of their Account and clicking on BUY to sign up for the ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION.

    If you are not yet registered with Art Rights and have not yet tried the free trial, SIGN UP NOW for only 50 euros a year to start managing, protecting and certifying your art with Art Rights!

    After registering you will immediately get the DISCOUNT CODE to participate in the webinar for FREE!

    Photo Credits: DREW SCHWARTZ

    And you, are you ready to enter the world of Crypto Art and NFT with Art Rights?


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