Digital Art. Art in the Digital Era

    When collecting becomes digital

    In recent years, new technologies have radically changed the way of using, creating and collecting art.

    Thanks to Digital Art, artists are constantly searching for new ways of artistic expression, while an increasingly strong interest in Digital Art collecting is taking the way.

    Let’s find out what it is and how the world of art is changing …

    The Digital Art was born exclusively to be reproducible through digital media and processed through the use of computers and softwares.

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    Its origins date back to the 60s, when the German academic Georg Nees was one the firsts to create and organize an exhibition where dozens of computer generated and plotter-printed works were displayed.

    But over the last fifty years, Digital Art has evolved, gaining an increasingly important role in the art world.

    At the international level, the interest of museum institutions is not lacking, in fact in 2018 a museum of digital art was born in Tokyo, the MORI Buiding Digital Art, at the behest of the Japanese collective teamLab, which includes artists, programmers, engineers, mathematicians and architects who create works of art using the most advanced technologies.

    The museum is located on the artificial island of Odaiba and hosts immersive installations that cancel the boundaries between virtual and sensorial; the project of the Japanese collective has thus captured the attention of the famous gallery Pace Gallery, that today is representing it.

    And if the interest  from the galleries is seemingly growing, then also the world of collecting is not far behind, as shown by the race to purchase the CryptoKitties, cute virtual felines that have attracted over 235,000 users; the sales of the “digital kittens”, which took place in 2018 at auction for a whopping 140,000 dollars, generated 3 million dollars.

    But even Digital Art, when it is purchased, must be accompanied by the appropriate documentation as a good practice of due diligence, where the Certificate of Authenticity plays as always a role of primary importance. [/signinlocker]

    New technologies are changing the ways of creating art, its collection and its exposition in ever more frenetic rhythms, in favor of an increasingly evolved world of art.

    And you, are you ready to collect Digital Art?


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