Discovering the Nifty Gateway NFT Platform


    Among NFT’s most important marketplaces

    Among the many platforms dedicated to the sale of Crypto Art and NFT, Nifty Gateway is among the leading ones, rising to prominence in the mainstream art market for the drops of the works of artist PAK in collaboration with Sotheby’s auction house.

    But who is hiding behind this famous and widely used marketplace aimed at NFTs? 

    Nifty Gateway was acquired in 2019 by exchange company Gemini, owned by the Winklevoss twins known to most for their lawsuit against Mark Zuckerberg over his claim to ownership of Facebook. 

    The Winklevosses built an investment portfolio, bought the cryptocurrency Bitcoin in 2013, and founded their holding company Gemini the following year: from there, the step into the world of digital art and NFTs was short.

    On Nifty Gateway you can buy, sell and trade and show the so called “nifties” (name by which the platform calls the NFTs).

    There are also numerous collaborations between the platform and the best artists in the world among which the American painter Micheal Kagan stands out. 

    Typically selling for no less than $40,000, Kagan has created a very high quality limited edition collection available exclusively on the platform, making him one of the first “traditional” artists to approach this new phenomenon.

    How to sell NFT on Nifty Gateway?

    On the platform you are asked to fill out 8 steps of information, including:

    • Name and Surname
    • Insertion of the main social networks used
    • Insert your Portfolio
    • Email where to be contacted
    • The type of artistic research and projects that the artist wants to propose on the platform
    • What are your SHORT term goals for your artistic career
    • What are your LONG term goals for your career as an artist?
    • Share a video presentation as an artist to be evaluated

    What are the sales percentages on Nifty Gateway?

    Nifties thus become a new artistic medium that allows artists not only to sell their NFTs, but to receive a share of sales related to the Secondary Market, i.e. the one following the first sale.

    Specifically on Nifty Gateway, each time a work is bought and sold, the artist receives a percentage of the sales. The artist can also choose what percentage: it could be 5% of each secondary sale or 50%. Nifty Gateway takes 5% + 30 cents on each secondary sale, to cover credit card processing fees and as a platform management cost.

    What about you, do you want to make your drops on Nifty Gateway? 

    Photo Credits: “Battle of the WarNymphs” by Grimes



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