DISPLAY: the creative marathon that supports art

    DISPLAY: the creative marathon that supports art

    Art Rights in support of the first 7-hour Creative Marathon that gives a voice to art workers

    Display is an innovative format dedicated to the most current themes of marketing communication business and innovation that uses television schemes and languages, bringing them to digital.

    An online event that tells the future from the point of view of the survivors of the pandemic who have had to face the crisis that has affected all sectors, but above all that of culture, tourism and entertainment.

    A recent report by Ernst & Young shows how entertainment and culture revenues fell by 31% compared to 2019, causing a loss of around 200 billion euros .

    So show business operators, creatives, artists, dancers, actors, event organizers and all those who have had to adapt their business to the restrictions imposed by repeated lockdowns are invited to tell their story on how they were able to invent new business models by investing in digital.

    On May 1st , on the occasion of Labor Day, Display presents ” The Working Heads” , a seven-hour online marathon to tell the testimonies, strategies and ideas of those who risked losing their work, of those who had to reinvent themselves professionally inventing new business models favored by the digital revolution.

    «A reinterpretation of all that is spectacle is underway, through creative ideas born from immobility and assisted by the digital; it’s time to take advantage of the emergence of new ideas and to be able to reinvent the relationship with the public to align it with the necessary change already underway even in the most ancient arts, such as acting and live entertainment ” says Michele Franzese, director of Scai Comunicazione, the agency that created Display.

    How did they do it? How did they move in this long year of detention? What did they invent to resist? In which “places” did they take refuge to continue producing and distributing their art? But above all, how has the world of entertainment, creativity and art changed during this difficult time?

    These questions will be answered by more than 50 guests from the art world where we find Andrea Concas , CEO Founder of Art Rights and media partner of the event , the artist Federico Clapis Annarita Briganti , writer and journalist of Repubblica, Barbara Tagliaferri , Deloitte Italy Art & Finance Coordinator, the curator Eleonora Brizi and the crypto artists Hackatao , and Arturo Galansino , Director of the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation in Florence.

    «An alternative 1st of May that proposed by“ The Working Heads ”whose purpose is to launch a message of civic“ creative resistance ”from the virtual stage» , they explain from the organization.

    The appointment is at 12:00 on May 1st until 18:00 : to participate in the first Marathon of Creative Resistance it is necessary to register directly on the Display website !

    And you, are you ready to discover the future of art with Display?


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