Enzo Cucchi’s Artist Archive becomes a videogame

    Enzo Cucchi’s Artist Archive becomes a videogame

    “CUCCCHI” available from June and contains all the necessary information for art experts

    The Enzo Cucchi Archive presents “CUCCCHI”: the artist’s archive to play and learn with.

    Enzo Cucchi, one of the great masters of Italian contemporary art and in the Eighties protagonist of the Transavantgarde of the art critic Achille Bonito Oliva, drew from the set of tales and stories of his homeland, the Marche Apennines, a constant source of inspiration.

    This time, however, the digital race also involved a great artist like Cucchi who chose to give life not to a physical place or a digital archive, but to a video game that collects all his work to present it in a completely new way.

    “Enzo Cucchi, the undisputed master of the international art scene, completely cut off from electronics and the ether, has chosen a completely original way to make his art available”, explains the Roman team of video game developers Fantastico Studio who, together to Julian Palacios of the Milanese collective Eremo, he created this “dream journey through the artist’s imagination”.

    The game will be available on the Enzo Cucchi archive website starting in June and, at a later time, a full version will be published for Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Switch, iPhone, Android, and PC.

    In the game, the user crosses 7 areas that draw inspiration from the artist’s works: here, three-dimensional spaces will be created inhabited by fantastic characters that can be explored as if you were living this experience in subjective and live for a journey that is not only physical but also imaginary through the artist’s memory and fantasies.

    The player will also be able to explore these areas in search of collectibles, trying to avoid attacks from enemies and evil entities, and eventually will be able to unlock the images collected in a virtual gallery.

    “In Cucchi’s intention there is the need to get away as much as possible from the practice of archiving, because archiving is one of the most antithetical things to the artist, who, in order to always stay fresh and create new things, must be able to forget by heart, as Vincenzo Agnetti said ”, says the Fantastico Studio team. “Without a good archive, on the other hand, the future memory of an artist will hardly be preserved, a classic archive (however existing, functioning and updated), today, in the face of the speed and interactivity that technological means make available , it is an anachronistic instrument ”.

    Hence, therefore, the choice to create a videogame on purpose: now no longer just a pastime for children and adolescents but a real interpretation for contemporary society, so much so that it has received recognition as a cultural asset from the Ministry of Culture.


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