The fakes in the Art World

    The Italian cases

    The experts of the Fine Art Expert Institute di Ginevra (FAEI) have estimated that more than half of the artworks in circulation result be to fake.

    In Italy the recents cases reveal this problem in the art world.

    Nothing is more painful and disconcerting, for a passionate art collector, to find out that the much desired work turns out to be fake.

    [signinlocker id=4040] A few weels ago in Italy, the news reported another scoop related to fake artworks placed on the market, for a turnover of millions euros

    The last case is about a marvellous everted canvas of Enrico Castellani, well-known post-war artist.

    The report from a collector, expert passionate about Castellani’s work, launched the investigation in 2014, coming out on the news  news during last days.

    In the investigation are apparently involved some gallerists, so smearing the art italian market once again.

    Another case emerged is the one related to the works of Eduarda Emilia Maino, also known as Dadamaino.

    The investigations of the Carabinieri of the Department of the Protection of the Cultural Heritage of Monza, would have revealed the involvement of some of the components of thef the  italian artist’s Archive, besides the galleries of Milan, Lodi and Asti .

    The scandal that struck the market of Dadamaino’s work, with great damage, has registered an cexchange of artworks at a national and international level, for a value quantified at 20 millions of euros.

    The detectives pointed out a total of  462 fake artworks of which only 90 seized in Italy, while the remaining 372 are missing, probably hanged in the house of some unaware collector.

    These kind of news damage almost irremediably the sales of artworks of the faked artists and not only.

    New technologies come in this case to the aid of artists, museums, archives.

    Art Rights, by using the blockchain, is the more up-to-date example.

    It is about in fact a new digital technology that allows incorruptibility and devolution of informations, encrypted data, with the safeguard of the privacy and safety to protect the whole art supply chain.

    The hope is for an evolution of the entire economic art sector, in terms of protection and valorisation of the art heritage, with a growing attention in finding solutions to support the management and the certificate of the artwork.

    Protect carefully your art to protect also your values.


    Are you ready to protect your art?


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