Fantastic worlds in Lapin Mignon’s NFTs

    Fantastic worlds in Lapin Mignon’s NFTs

    Lapin Mignon is one of the 50 artists featured in “CRYPTO ART – Begins”, the first NFT book that tells the history and evolution of Crypto Art

    “CRYPTO ART – Begins” tells the exciting beginnings and evolution of the Crypto Arte through the history and work of 50 of the best artists in the world who contributed to its birth and are still an active part of the present and future of its revolution with their projects NFT.

    CRYPTO ART – Begins presents Lapin Mignon

    Lapin Mignon has two identities: one as a computer professional and one as a watercolorist. In Crypto Art these meet in a creative union.

    His NFTs are fantastic universes that live thanks to an elegant stroke and the delicacy of watercolors.


    With a degree in Art with an honorable mention behind him, Lapin Mignon decides to pursue an office career.

    In her free time she continues to follow that passion that from an early age pushes her to collect materials on the street and to put her hand to paper and pastels to give substance to what animates her imagination.

    His fantastic watercolors are the works he creates in the analogue dimension, but his creative expression also expands into the digital.

    Lapin Mignon is one of the first artists to create their own NFT and to demonstrate that the traditional technique has great potential even in Crypto Art.


    If the Metaverse is populated with artists who love to portray the darkest aspects of contemporary and future society, this is not the case with Lapin Mignon’s art.

    His works have color tones, shapes and subjects that make us feel as if we are observing the fantasy world living in a person’s most positive thoughts.

    A perfect example of his style is “Acquabizarre # 9 – Nouveau” (2020), NFT part of the “Acquabizarre” series which portrays an underwater universe populated by fantastic creatures.

    Lapin Mignon’s works often reveal his nature as a watercolorist. Also in this the technique is inserted in the analogical part of the creative process, the one in which the artist uses ink and watercolors.

    The digital work, then, adds brightness and intensity to the colors. Thus, the works light up and, in some cases, even animate.

    One of the most characterizing elements of Lapin Mignon, however, is the stroke: thin, delicate and slender, it gives a feminine elegance to its images and helps to bring the softness of reality into the digital medium.


    Eleonora Brizi, curator and founder of Breezy Art, who curated for The NFT Magazine the selection of the 50 artists featured in the book “Crypto Art Begins” writes about Lapin Mignon:

    “Lapin Mignon’s inspiration comes from the golden age of his childhood, when the nature of Normandy was his playground. Her elementary school teacher used to throw away various objects on purpose for her to find, collect and use them to create her secret world ”.

    What are you waiting for? Find out all about the artists of “Crypto Art – Begins”!


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