How to archive works of art?


    The Art Rights digital management system

    New technologies are revolutionizing the way of managing art Archives and collections, in favour of Artists, Collectors, Galleries, Museums and Professionals, with the aim of protecting and enhancing the works.

    What are the advantages? Having all the information about the works of art in a single private and secure digital environment, where they can be catalogued and archived together with the complete documentation, from the Certificate of Authenticity, the Condition Reports, together with the Loan or Deposit Agreements to the Press, Online and Catalogues Publications.

    A complete and constantly updated archive, wherever you want when you want.

    Art Rights offers its users the possibility to create a complete and professional digital archive with its ART MANAGER service.

    What is the Art Manager of Art Rights?

    It is a management system based on Blockchain technology, which in total privacy, security and autonomy for the Artist, Collector and Professional allows to create a real PASSPORT OF THE WORK OF ART, thanks to the Art Rights Certificate.

    The user can enter an unlimited number of works and information, to have them always available on pc, smartphone and tablet.

    The Art Manager di Art Rights

    But how does the Art Manager of Art Rights work?

    The user, having chosen the category to which they belong (Artist, Collector, Gallery, Archive, Museum, Auction House, Professional) and completed the registration, can choose to upload information on the work of art in two ways: FAST RIGHTS or INSERT.

    FAST RIGHTS is the simplest and fastest procedure to create the Art Rights Certificate and certify the basic information of the artwork in Blockchain.

    Too few? Don’t worry, they are always upgradeable whenever you want!

    INSERISCI is the standard and complete procedure, which allows you to fill in the Form of the work divided into 10 SECTIONS and 200 FIELDS that can be filled in according to the information you have. Don’t you have all the information or do you want to update it over time? No problem, with the Art Rights Certificate you can do it!

    What can you include in your Art Manager?

    1. WORKS OF ART: main information about your work (year, title, medium, etc.)
    2. HISTORICAL: to keep track of the entire life cycle of the work
    3. VALUE: with the economic data of the work, the cost, changes in ownership and valuations
    4. BOOK&PRESS: with all publications, catalogues, press and releases where your work is involved
    5. EXHIBITION: with the historian of exhibitions and events
    6. CONDITION REPORT: to keep track of the physical state of the work, the technical specifications on the materials, together with the documents issued by the experts
    7. UTILITY&FACILITY REPORT: with the requirements for the exhibition of the work (lighting, microclimate, handling, setting up, etc…).
    8. LENDING&DEPOSIT: with the history of loans and deposits of the work, together with the active ones
    9. OTHER: to add all the documents or information that seem important to you about your work
    10. MULTIMEDIA: images, video or audio of interviews about the artist and the work to make your Art Rights Certificate complete.

    Having a complete and always updated digital archive allows Artists, Collectors, and Professionals in the field to manage, protect and enhance the best artworks thanks to the Art Manager of Art Rights.

    Photo credits: Norman Rockwell Museum.

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