#IStayAtHome and I certify my artworks with Art Rights, 2 months FREE for Quarantined Artists and Art Professionals

    An absolute preview of Art Rights to support Quarantined Artists and Art Professionals!

    2 months free to manage, certify and increase the value of your art in this delicate moment of our history.

    What is happening these days is truly incredible, we are all at home, united, to defeat this Coronavirus together.

    We believe that dedicating time to the creation of the Artist Archive, could be the best tool to spend time in this “forced break”, we would have hoped that this would have never happened, however cataloging, certifying and digitizing one’s works is an investment that takes time and this could be an opportunity.

    For this reason we have decided to make our contribution, supporting ARTISTS and ART PROFESSIONALS by offering 2 FREE months of Art Rights, the first platform to support the management and certification of artworks to protect artists, collectors and operators in the sector!

    Art Rights  the “artwork passport”, with a unique system of validation of information and documents by multiple professionals in favor of authenticity, Provenance, Due Diligence and greater trust in the market.

    In complete privacy, security and legal validity, the platform uses cutting-edge technologies such as Blockchain for the Timestamp validation and the training of a neural network of Artificial Intelligence for the verification of authenticity, market analysis and collection management with Art service Concierge, in collaboration with the main service and market players.

    Mockup Art Rights

    You can take advantage of this opportunity and receive an absolute preview of Art Rights, with a complete 2-month free subscription without any mandatory renewal !!!

    We are happy to support your art and to be close to you in this difficult moment, together we will overcome it!




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