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    The interview of

    He is Giovanni Cristofaro Head of Wealth Management di CHIOMENTI.

    Five questions to get a preview of the great art professionals, the daily challenges to be faced, the choices that have determined their path in the system and in the art market, the changes under the banner of digital and the advice for those who want to undertake the same career in collaboration with

    The interest and personal attention for art can become a perfect trade union with one’s professional environment.

    This is what happened to the Attorney Giovanni Cristofaro, Head of Wealth Management Business Unit of Chiomenti Studio Legale, who chose to make it that plus in the support and support of the passion for collecting art works, transmitted by his family to the private assets of its customers, many of whom are collectors.

    In this interview he presents the renewed interest of the Wealth Management sector towards the world of art, with a specific focus on passion asset planning ...

    Giovanni Cristofaro – Courtesy CHIOMENTI

    Giovanni Cristofaro is Head of Wealth Management Business Unit of Chiomenti Studio Legale.

    Responsible for the Wealth Management Business Unit with industrial sectors of interest that include Art and Cultural Heritage, Giovanni assists Italian and foreign clients in the planning, management and use of family assets, including corporate and artistic, with particular focus on asset planning, also from a succession perspective, generational transfers and trusts.


    1. How did your art career started

    My journey into art began a few years ago, when I combined my personal interest in art – transmitted by my father, a passionate collector – with the professional choice of extending assistance to clients’ private assets also to the collections of art which, more and more often, are part of it ..

    2. How would you describe your profession today?

    My profession is stimulating because working with private customers puts you in front of different situations every time.

    It is a strong stimulus to innovation, curiosity, comparison and above all to the improvement of professional and relational skills. It is rather infrequent (indeed, I would say impossible) to replicate previously used and already “tested” schemes or structures.

    It is also very delicate, because it focuses on the personal relationship with the customer; therefore requires quality, dedication, transparency and rigor …

    3.How has your profession changed over time?

    It has changed a lot since I started exercising it – almost 20 years ago now. Specializations have increased and therefore the traditional figure of the single professional who followed the family in all respects has been joined by multidisciplinary teams – often coordinated by the family lawyer – who provide specialist advice in the various sectors involved from time to time.

    To do this you need, on a personal level, transparency, seriousness and awareness of your qualities and limits, towards the customer as much as towards themselves.

    At the team level, however, a shared and coordinated vision and professional approach is fundamental.

    The Chiomenti Law Firm Studio in Rome

    4. What impact is digital having on your sector??

    In my sector it is having a significant impact in two respects.

    The strictly operational one, so that digital tools – although they cannot completely replace the direct relationship with the customer, especially the private customer – can facilitate assistance as regards times and forms of response, especially in a world that now travels to a speed much higher than that of a few years ago.

    And then the professional one, in which the so-called digital assets (not only artistic) are becoming an increasingly important part of clients’ assets and it is necessary to know their nature, functioning and critical issues in order to regulate an orderly generational change.

    5. What would you suggest to someone who wants to pursue your career?

    I would recommend reading, studying, inquiring and updating. I would recommend having courage, of never being afraid to try your hand at the news and to face with curiosity and enthusiasm everything that happens, even outside of work.

    Your personal and professional baggage always enriches you; and sooner or later it also comes in handy in your profession.

    “The generational handover enables the collector to forward his values” Giovanni Cristofaro

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    This interview was realized in collaboration with,the first community dedicated to training, updating and orientation towards the professions of art.

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