Interview with Jean Conrad Lemaître, Video Art Juror of the Art Rights Prize

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    Interview with Jean Conrad Lemaître, Videoart collector – Video Art Juror of the Art Rights Prize

    Art Rights Magazine, Media Partner of Art Rights Prize, the first International Digital Prize for Artists 3.0, presents every week the Judges that make up the Jury of Experts of the Art System and the Art Market.

    In the perspective of comparison and meeting between Artists and Art Professionals, the Jury of Art Rights Prize boasts the participation of 15 Judges who offer a personal and professional preview of the importance of Art Awards, advice on the best way to submit their candidacy together with the motivations that should push an artist to participate in an art award

    If at the beginning of their collection, Isabelle and Jean Conrad Lemaître focused on the works of the great names of Videoart, now they no longer have any doubts: they want to support young video artists, the emerging ones, those who must have their chance.

    A myriad of nationalities are represented in Lemaître’s collection, with works from countries such as Argentina, Mexico, Israel, Lebanon, Lithuania, Estonia, Turkey, Japan and China, among others.

    Always very attentive to the new generations, Lemaître is now part of the Video Art Jury of the Art Rights Prize, and undoubtedly expects to find new talents who take the opportunity of the award to gain visibility and attention for their works…

    Jean Conrad Lemaitre

    Jean Conrad Lemaître studied ESCP Paris INSEAD fontainebleau (mba).

    Married to Isabelle de Turckheim, he lives in Paris and has been a Videoart Collector with her since 1996. Since then 20 exhibitions of their collection have been organized in museums in France, Germany, Spain, USA, Peru, Argentina, China, South Korea, Japan and many others.

    In February 2014, Larry’s List, the main database on art collections, placed the Lemaître collection among the top ten significant collections in the world of video art and new media art.

    Many great artists are part of their collection: Gillian Wearing, Mark Wallinger, Tacita Dean, Isaac Julian, Steve McQueen, Keith Tyson, Mario Garcia Torres and Sebastian Diaz Morales, just to name a few

    Jean Conrad Lemaître is the chairman of the committee of the LOOP video art fair in Barcelona.

    1.For you, what importance does an Art Prize have in an artist’s career?

    An artist will first express himself through a medium of his choice and he obviously hopes that his friends or amateurs of visual arts will comfort his endeavours.

    It is sure that an art prize constitute an important moment in an artist’s carrier, because it brings the artist recognition and visibility beyond his entourage among collectors critics and institutions

    2.What would you recommend to an artist who wants to participate in an Art Prize?

    I would give the following recommendations:

    • Continue to be himself, be sincere 
    • Do his best to prepare for the prize 
    • Stay away from effects and exercises of seduction

    3.What factors do you take into consideration when judging a nomination for an Art Award?

    Factors are three:

    • Originality in his work , not seen elsewhere
    • Depth of the work, ie content
    • Technical quality of work

    If you are an artist, what are you waiting for?

    APPLY NOW, TILL 30th NOVEMBER 2020 to Art Rights Prize, the first international digital art prize.

    And you, are you ready for Art Rights Prize?



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