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    She is Laura Viviani, Fine Art Logistic & Luxury Consultant –

    Five questions to know in advance the great art professionals, the daily challenges to face, the choices that have determined their path in the art system and in the art market, the digital changes and the advice for those who want to start the same career in collaboration with

    There is a whole world of services and operators who work to ensure that works of art are protected and enhanced in their artistic characteristics. There is no lack of professionals who are experts in the management, logistics and handling of art in all its technical and bureaucratic aspects, including Laura Viviani, who has been working in this sector at an international level for over twenty-five years.

    Her journey began by chance, but her direct experience and the great passion she put into large, leading companies in the sector have enabled Laura Viviani to become a true logistics expert.

    Today his professional career continues alongside museums, corporate and private collectors who are looking for a highly professional figure to rely on completely, able to innovate the management of collections also thanks to new digital tools such as Art Rights.

    Laura Viviani Fine Art Logistic & Luxury Consultant is part of the Art Concierge of Art Rights.

    Laura Viviani Fine Art Logistic & Luxury Consultant è parte dei professionisti dell’Art Concierge di Art Rights.

    Laura Viviani

    Laura Viviani is Fine Art Logistic and Luxury Consultant offering consultancy services dedicated to public and private bodies, collectors, auction houses and professionals for the management of art deposits, logistics and handling of collections, works, art objects and collectibles.

    With twenty years’ experience in the major leading companies in the sector at national and international level, she works in contact and in constant dialogue with art service professionals, customs agents and ministerial officials.

    She has worked with the main logistics and transport specialists dedicated to art, including Borghi International Spa and for the company Arteria Srl, where she was Operational Manager as well as Estimate and Storage Manager.

    Throughout her career, she has taken part in major national and international industry events such as updating meetings, among the most important ICEFAT and ARTIM, worldwide art logistics organisations.

    She has also participated in the management and logistical organisation of art fairs such as Art Basel, MIART and Frieze, as well as supervising the setting up of exhibitions in the museum environment and the re-fitting of permanent collections in prestigious institutions such as the Museo del Novecento in Milan, the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci and the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum.

    On the occasion of the birth of the “Fondazione Francesco Federico Cerruti per l’Arte”, she is responsible for the supervision and management of the handling of art collection in specialised warehouses.

    She is a consultant for fine art and luxury goods in support of corporate and private clients.

    1.How has your path in the art world begun?

    I would say by chance and personal ability. The multinational company I worked for in logistics had a sector of excellence: art logistics.

    It needed a young, multitasking person who spoke at least good English and had the right amount of ambition. This experience, together with a great personal willingness, paved the way for my professional career.

    2.How would you describe your profession today?

    I believe that the figure of the Logistic Consultant (so much present abroad as almost unknown in Italy) is unique, highly specialized and therefore fundamental for all the realities that must move art and in particular for private collectors.

    One cannot avoid knowing and respecting the mechanisms and rules that move art, except at the risk of making big mistakes in technical evaluations, together with the documentary inattentions that affect the value and the market of the work.

    Personally the thing that gives me the most satisfaction is knowing that my clients trust me so much that they completely delegate the technical aspects of the collection, while they enjoy its beauty.

    3. How has your profession changed over time?

    Thirty years ago the economic availability of the few collectors was wider, while the logistics sector consisted of only two or three reference companies.

    Now the operators are more than tripled and the growing collectors are more aware and demanding. They are informed, but they need even more to be guided in the most suitable choice for their personal needs, not to mention the need to untangle between loan contracts for exhibitions, customs and ministerial rules on which it is necessary to have a constant update, impossible even for the most careful collector.

    Laura Viviani, Fine Art Logistic & Luxury Consultant

    4. What impact is digital having on your sector?

    The advent of digital has made communication fast, impromptu, direct, transparent.

    I am thinking in particular of repository and collection management which has become, through the certified and secure portals, interactive between the parties involved.

    But also the online ministerial procedures, which have been designed to streamline practices and lighten them from paperwork, and last but not least, the relationship with the foreign mode that has annihilated time zones.

    5. What would you suggest to someone who wants to pursue your career?

    The first advice is not to be in a hurry, to be curious and ambitious. It’s a job that you don’t learn on the school desk, but only with experience and constant updating.

    This interview was conducted in collaboration with, the first community dedicated to training, updating and orientation towards the art professions.

    Laura Viviani is part of the community of professionials of the Art Concierge of Art Rights

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