Interview with Marco Rubino, Head Jury of the Street Art of Art Rights Prize

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    Interview with Marco Rubino, Community Partner, Contemporary & Street Art Contributor Forbes Italia – Head Jury of the Street Art of Art Rights Prize

    Art Rights Magazine, Media Partner of Art Rights Prize, the first International Digital Prize for Artists 3.0, presents every week the Judges that make up the Jury of Experts of the Art System and the Art Market.

    In the perspective of comparison and meeting between Artists and Art Professionals, the Jury of Art Rights Prize boasts the participation of 15 Judges who offer a personal and professional preview of the importance of Art Awards, advice on the best way to submit their candidacy together with the motivations that should push an artist to participate in an art award

    Nurturing a passion for art means not only collecting it, but also becoming a supporter, especially of young art.

    Marco Rubino, Partner of Community – one of the main European communication consulting firm – Collector and Contributor for Forbes Italia is constantly looking for names (still) not completely mainstream, but with a strong artistic career well underway as CbHoyo, Helena Margrét, Dot Pigeon, MrDoodle, Andrea Crespi, Jhon Paul Fauves and Ktnepiz.

    His collection is eclectic, but follows two guidelines: his taste combined with that of his wife Valentina, together with careful research between physical and digital.

    As a communicator, he is attracted not only by the aesthetic aspect, but above all by the creative idea of ​​each work he welcomes in his collection, where he mixes Street Art pieces by Ron English, Cartrain, Pure Evil, Banksy, Obey or BenEine, with unique works or limited edition by exponents of Contemporary Art such as Giampiero Romanó, Kaws, Francesco De Molfetta and Emilio Isgrò or unique sketches like the one created for him by Alec Monopoly.

    In his casket there is also space for photography, mainly in black and white, such as the shots by Elliott Erwitt or Alison Jackson, or those in saturated colors by Steve McCurry.

    A category that amuses him are the art toys: Kaws, Murakami, the editions for Seletti by Maurizio Cattelan and the legendary pumpkins by Yayoi Kusama.

    Very active on social networks, on Instagram he has given himself a rule: to publish photos of works of art that can excite and capture attention such as to interrupt the usual mental flow.

    Today as Head of Street Art Jury for Art Rights Prize Marco Rubino talks about the importance of a nomination for an art prize, the value in an artist’s career and what he would like to read …

    Marco Rubino

    Community Partner and Contemporary & Street Art Contributor Forbes Italia

    In Community since 2003, Marco has a deep experience in financial communication and Litigation PR.

    For Community he manages the communication of prestigious Italian and international companies, supporting them in ordinary and extraordinary finance operations. The experience gained in the Community is completed with the management of corporate communication for some of the major multinationals operating in Italy.

    In the first months of Covid, together with two gallery owners – Marcello Polito and Nicoló Stabile – he gave life as curator to the first charity auction of Contemporary Art and Street Art in favor of the Sacco hospitals in Milan and Cotugno in Naples.

    One way to demonstrate how art can also be useful to others. Attention to social issues – Marco sits on the board of the Laps Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Lapo Elkann and of the Reputation Science Advisory Board – is one of his passions together with art and travel.

    Since 2018 he is a contributor for Contemporary & Street art for Forbes Italia.

    1.For you, what importance does an Art Prize have in an artist’s career?

    An award has a different value depending on the stage an artist is in.

    If it is taking its first steps, the prize represents an opportunity for great visibility, regardless of the outcome of the race.

    In the case of a more mature artist, however, the prize can represent an objective recognition of their efforts.

    In any case, the prize is a way in which to compare oneself, one must never fear competition, external judgment if healthy can be very constructive.

    2.What would you recommend to an artist who wants to participate in an Art Prize?

    First of all, I would recommend that you always believe in your dream regardless of the outcome of the competition.

    Then to present the work that more than the others represents his artistic thought, not necessarily the one he thinks the jury will like most.

    3.What factors do you take into consideration when judging a nomination for an Art Award?

    There are four main factors that I consider: the emotion it is able to generate, the thought that inspired it, the originality of the creative idea and the message that the work communicates.

    I know perfectly well that emotion is a subjective element and that therefore some may not share this yardstick, but I think that today – in light of the fact that each of us is exposed to a great production of works of art – it is necessary to pause on emotionality.

    Do you remember more easily the last work seen or the last one that communicated something to us?

    Finally, I will tend to orient my choice towards an artist who proves to have preparation and not an improviser.


    If you are an artist, what are you waiting for?

    APPLY NOW, TILL 30th NOVEMBRE 2020 to Art Rights Prize, the first international digital art prize.

    And you, are you ready for Art Rights Prize?



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