Interview with Marta Giani, Juror of the Painting Category of Art Rights Prize

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    Interview with Marta Giani, Director and Head of Sale of Sotheby’s Italia – Painting Juror of the Art Rights Prize

    Art Rights Magazine, Media Partner of Art Rights Prize, the first International Digital Prize for Artists 3.0, presents every week the Judges that make up the Jury of Experts of the Art System and the Art Market.

    In the perspective of comparison and meeting between Artists and Art Professionals, the Jury of Art Rights Prize boasts the participation of 15 Judges who offer a personal and professional preview of the importance of Art Awards, advice on the best way to submit their candidacy together with the motivations that should push an artist to participate in an art award

    Arouse the desire to go beyond the image of a work to deepen the knowledge of the artist.

    This is the desire of Marta Giani, Director and Head of Sale of Sotheby’s Italia, who holds the role of Judge of the Painting Category for the Art Rights Prize.

    Although her profession leads her to interface with the Second Market of auction houses, Marta’s attention is not lacking to the young generations of artists, for whom she always hopes that despite having a knowledge of the contemporary art scene, they know how to make his own personal artistic research.

    Marta Giani

    Marta Giani, Director, Specialist of the Department of Modern and Contemporary Art, has been working with Sotheby’s Italy since 2006. After a first experience in the field of company mergers and acquisitions immediately after graduation, she collaborated with the Palazzo Reale Museum in Milan in occasion of temporary exhibitions.

    She has gained significant experience in the field of contemporary art restoration and in 2004 he began his collaboration with the historic auction house Finarte.

    In 2006 he joined the Sotheby’s team in Milan, where he began his career as a Junior Specialist for the Modern and Contemporary Art department.

    Always in close contact with colleagues in London, Paris and New York for international valuations and auctions, since 2012 he has been Deputy Director and fulcrum of the Milanese department.

    Since 2016 she has been promoted Co-head of Sale of the Milanese sales of Modern and Contemporary Art: in May 2017 she orchestrated the sale of the international collection “White VS Color”. From June 2018 she became Head of sale of the Milanese sales of Modern and Contemporary Art.

    1.For you, what importance does an Art Prize have in an artist’s career?

    In my opinion, for an artist, especially a young one, the fact of participating in an art prize can be a very positive and constructive experience.

    First of all because he refines the ability to concentrate and synthesize his research, but above all because it allows him to compare and measure his skills and ideas with artists from different geographical areas and with different backgrounds.

    2.What would you recommend to an artist who wants to participate in an Art Prize?

    I think it is important for an artist who decides to participate in an Art Award to maintain a humble and constructive attitude and an open mind.

    It is also essential that he has the incentive to know and deepen what surrounds him. Both local and large-scale museums, temporary exhibitions in art galleries in Italy and abroad, national and international fairs and auctions are all equally essential aspects of a system that the artist must know to complete the his training and define his own style.

    In an era of pandemic, with the limitations to which we are forced both in terms of travel and as regards the availability of content, it is clear to everyone that the digital medium has become essential.

    3.What factors do you take into consideration when judging a nomination for an Art Award?

    On the one hand, personal taste is essential, but I think it is very important not to stop at this criterion.

    The works of art are in fact the result of subjective searches that are distant from each other and with disparate motivations and in most cases not immediate.

    The fact that it is not immediately understandable paradoxically makes the work of contemporary art more interesting. As for me, I would consider the candidacy of an artist if his works aroused in me the desire to know more about the reasons for certain choices or about the use of certain materials and expressive techniques.

    Another criterion for judging depends on one’s knowledge of the contemporary art scene: researches that have already been seen, which are not original or that clearly trace the work of more well-known and established artists would discourage a candidacy proposal.

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