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    She is Nicoletta Rusconi, Collector, Art Advisor and Founder Nicoletta Rusconi Art Projects –

    Five questions to know in advance the great art professionals, the daily challenges to face, the choices that have determined their path in the art system and in the art market, the digital changes and the advice for those who want to start the same career in collaboration with

    Helping artists’ dreams come true. This is the goal of Nicoletta Rusconi, charismatic, energetic woman and art professional who has made her mission of constant dialogue with artists.

    Nicoletta has a soul with many passions, which have led her to become a collector, art advisor with a past as a gallerist, making an old Piedmontese farmhouse renovated the home of many projects including I.D.E.A. acronym for Independent Domus Exhibiting Art, residence for artists, which inside Cascina Maria becomes ideal space for the production of works that see the use of organic materials and natural forms.

    But it all begins in London, the spark is set for photography moment imprinted forever; back in Milan after almost ten years, she courageously chose to open her first gallery, dedicated to the support of Italian research photography. Instinct, passion and study led Nicoletta to turn her attention to the contemporary art of young people under the age of 35 and once again the change took place.

    But she tells us about this and much more in this interview, from the many news, which happen to be about artists!

    Nicoletta Rusconi. Photo: Studio Abbruzzese

    Nicoletta Rusconi is Collector, Art Advisor and Founder Nicoletta Rusconi Art Projects.

    It deals with the concept and realization of independent projects in the artistic and cultural field, in collaboration with internationally renowned artists and Italian companies interested in investing in the production of works, exhibitions and cultural initiatives. After the ten-year experience of the galleries Fotografia Italiana and Nicoletta Rusconi, the direct evolution of the new Art Projects works to create a solid synergy between the business system, artists, institutions, collectors and the public.

    The projects followed range from the production of works of art and design, to the organization of special events conceived ad hoc, to editorial services and fundraising.

    1.How has your path in the contemporary art started?

    It was the transition years between the 1980s and 1990s. Perhaps the happiest period of my life, I was in London when the artistic phenomena that most marked my visual experience were revealed to my eyes as an epiphany of light, photography, great talent and their ability to absorb and return this light.

    Years of passionate study followed which led me to open my first gallery: “Fotografia italiana”, in 2003.

    But at that point, that urgency of knowledge that was activated in me forced me to continue to explore new media and artists always different in style and cultural origin.

    Such passion! I wanted to experiment more and more and so “Fotografia Italiana” became “Nicoletta Rusconi Arte Contemporanea”, already in 2007, how much happiness!

    My inexhaustible enthusiasm pushed me not to stop, but to impose new goals, 2014 is the year of Cascina Maria ad Agrate Conturbia that soon becomes a constellation of ideas and opportunities for experimentation, ideas, yes!

    It’s no coincidence that this year I.D.E.A. has been created: artist residencies, exhibitions, cultural cenacles, experiments beyond the possible!

    All designed in a combination of colours that envelops the deputies, by Letizia Cariello. Inside the polytechnic exhibition by Federico Pepe and the mural by Giulia Dall’Olio. All around the park of the residence, which hosts large installations by artists such as Eva Kotatkova, Pierre Étienne Morelle, Eduard Habicher, Riccardo Beretta and Alice Ronchi.

    2.How would you describe your profession today?

    A mission based on constant dialogue with artists!

    To look at the world with their own eyes and help an ever new audience to interface with them.

    Artists have the ability to activate always new observatories, experiment new angles that become accelerators of meaning in the most different contexts. I would like to activate opportunities for creative people to meet and exchange ideas, to offer them the possibility of rest, study and work in nature, just as in the nineteenth century the presence in the city alternated with the meditative quietness of the countryside.

    3. How has your profession changed over the year?

    As a merchant always attentive to the needs of artists, always ready and interested in listening and understanding their wonderful human and spiritual condition, today I am increasingly convinced that artists must return to the world, to be put in contact with productive activities, to return to dialogue with people, not only through their work but precisely by conversing with people.

    I want to encourage that, but most of all I want to help them realize their dreams.

    Ph. Studio Abbruzzese. Courtesy l’artista e Nicoletta Rusconi Art Projects – Federico Pepe, The Bits you remember when you wake up

    4. What impact is digital having on your business?

    Viewing rooms, testing platforms and online sales have opened up new possibilities! As far as I’m concerned, I’ve put my Instagram @artistmia profile into play to provide artists with an increasingly varied network.

    The priority for me is to reach and stimulate the interest of the very young. ARTbite is a concentrate of my experience formed over the years, it brings together all my greatest passions: art, research, collecting, innovation, simplicity and fun.

    However, digital does not exclude all that part of the work that precedes it, before proposing an artist I carefully observe him, I study his curriculum and career, to protect those who follow me. The sale via web allows to discover or deepen the poetics of the artists, but this deepening can be completed only through the direct experience of the work, and here comes the I.D.E.A. project.

    5. What would you suggest to someone looking to pursue your career?

    Love and respect for artists and a lot of listening skills!

    This interview has been realized in collaboration with, the first community dedicated to training, updating and orientation towards the professions of art.


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