Interview with Serena Tabacchi, Head of Digital Art Jury of Art Rights Prize

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    Interview with Serena Tabacchi, Founder of MoCDA Museum of Contemporary Digital Art – Head of Digital Art Jury of Art Rights Prize

    Art Rights Magazine, Media Partner of Art Rights Prize, the first International Digital Prize for Artists 3.0, presents every week the Judges that make up the Jury of Experts of the Art System and the Art Market.

    In the perspective of comparison and meeting between Artists and Art Professionals, the Jury of Art Rights Prize boasts the participation of 15 Judges who offer a personal and professional preview of the importance of Art Awards, advice on the best way to submit their candidacy together with the motivations that should push an artist to participate in an art award

    In recent years and more and more, new ways of expression by artists have found space in the world of art, along with new works to exhibit and collect.

    Here then is that Digital Art, more simply works created with the use of computers and software, reproducible on digital media, have met the interest of professionals such as Serena Tabacchi, Digital Entrepreneur and Founder of MoCDA – Museum of Contemporary Digital Art.

    But what is MoCDA?

    The Museum dedicated to Contemporary Digital Art was created to bring knowledge and greater attention to Art and Technology for Artists, Collections, Institutions and art lovers.

    It is a museum that exhibits digital works of art in order to document, collect and promote works, which are not and cannot be considered a mere by-product of other artistic mediums, but a new way of giving life to Art.

    But Digital Art also finds space in the physical, in fact the exhibition “RENAISSANCE 2.0 2.0” is open in Rome until October 30th, curated by Eleonora Brizi of MoCDA, which presents an overview of the state of digital art and the interaction between art and technology thanks to the works of sixteen artists.

    In this interview Serena Tabacchi Head of Digital Art Jury for Art Rights Prize, tells what she expects to find in the artists’ applications and much more …

    Serena Tabacchi

    Serena Tabacchi is a Digital Entrepreneur, curator and writer. She worked at TATE Modern in London and is the founder and director of MoCDA, Museum of Contemporary Digital Art.

    Engaged in the research and study of how to set up and curate Digital Art in online virtual spaces, Serena is a regular contributor on Art and Technology at The Observer, and she is curator for the CADAF digital and contemporary art fair, with latest editions in Miami and online together with Lumen Art Projects.

    Serena is an ambassador of Women and Inclusion at Blockchain Game Alliance and is an event organizer and speaker for NTF London Meetup.

    1.For you, what importance does an Art Prize have in an artist’s career?

    A prize for an artist can be considered a goal, a way of recognition at the level of criticism and talent. Winning a prize is raising an artist to international rank, which often means being at a starting point rather than a goal.

    It is a form of reward and encouragement towards the creative path that has taken place.

    At the same time, it is a way to interact with other artists, to live an experience of healthy competition, leading the author of the work to relate to the public and to get involved

    2.What would you recommend to an artist who wants to participate in an Art Prize?

    I would advise you to be bold, to present a project that you really believe in and have worked on with enthusiasm.

    3.What factors do you take into consideration when judging a nomination for an Art Award?

    I tend to look at how the artist expresses a concept, how it is communicated, and how the work of art manifests itself.

    I love digital art because it is a constantly evolving field, in which artists can explore new forms of art, using technological means in an unconventional way.

    I highly value this tension between material and digital experimentation; the creativity of the subject in connection with the reality that surrounds us and of which we are part.


    If you are an artist, what are you waiting for?

    APPLY NOW, TILL 30th NOVEMBRE 2020 to Art Rights Prize, the first international digital art prize.

    And you, are you ready for Art Rights Prize?



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