Isorropia Homegallery presents EPTA

    Isorropia Homegallery presents EPTA

    ISORROPIA HOMEGALLERY presents EPTA – SETTE, an exhibition project that investigates the forms of art in relation to the increasingly phygital contemporaneity, between real and digital.

    Marjan Moghaddam, Still from GAIA of The Metaverse

    Within the evocative setting of the Basilica of San Celso in Milan, the EPTA – SEVEN exhibition will open on 11 January 2023, which investigates the forms of art in dialogue with the contemporary digital world, through seven artists selected by ISORROPIA HOMEGALLERY on the occasion of the first international virtual art award Art Rights Prize.

    The exhibition can be visited at the Basilica of San Celso from 11 January to 3 February 2023, where the works of the artists Federica Belli, Federica Cogo, Salma Eltoukhy, Alex Frost, Christine Kettaneh, Marjan Moghaddam and Paolo Treni – selected on the occasion of art prize Art Rights Prize – interact with the evocative environments of a sacred place.

    The works selected from painting, photography, video art and NFT – albeit different in terms of artistic medium – are united by the very essence of the elements that determine the birth of a work of art.


    The term EPTA – from which the exhibition takes its title – from the Greek “SEVEN”, not only represents the number of selected artists, but is a direct reference to the very elements of art, including digital art.

    The seven elements of art are Line, Shape, Size, Space, Texture, Value and Color. Each artist – in his own way – makes use of them.

    The works on display by Federica Belli present a female presence integrated in nature, in constant tension between their shadows and their brilliant sensitivity. The intense colors, in accordance with the investigation of private space and its details, make mysterious the works of Federica Cogo, which leads into interior spaces, almost metaphysical, where the angles become witnesses of the encounter between visible and invisible.

    Salma Eltoukhy‘s “visual poems” lead us into the most intimate and emotional dimension, who in her visual diary explores the universe of written language, a world where letters take on the character of identity of the human being.

    Alex Frost‘s series of hypnotic video works, the grotesque of contemporary consumerism is linked to winking shapes and colors in commonly used products, specially designed to attract the human eye.

    At the basis of Christine Kettaneh‘s works lines, shapes, dimensions and space – vertical and horizontal – are syncopated to the extreme, the result of an investigation into the evolution of the movement of the human body over time based on electromagnetism.

    The sinuous bodies of Marjan Moghaddam, pioneer of Net Art and NFTs, take shape thanks to digital, redefining the very concept of form and democratizing the exhibition spaces that are hacked by her 3D animated “Ladies”.

    Finally, the different material aspects of Light, Natural or Artificial, are the means by which in the two-dimensional works of Paolo Treni you get to the pure three-dimensional form contextualized in space, where all the elements of art, coexist in close symbiosis between light, color and shape.

    The evocative setting of the Basilica of San Celso thus welcomes defined lines that are transformed into space and create a new undefined dimension.

    Invitation to the EPTA Exhibition by Isorropia Homegallery



    curated by Isorropia Homegallery in collaboration with Art Rights Prize

    Opening: 11 january 2023 from 5pm to 8pm

    12 January – 3 February 2023

    Basilica di San Celso

    Corso Italia 37, Milano

    Opening hours:

    Wednesday and Saturday at 4-7pm

    Sunday hours 11am -1pm

    Cover Image: Federica Belli, The Scar, 2020. Courtesy l’Artista and Isorropia Homegallery


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