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    Christie’s: first NFT sold at auction in London for £ 800,000

    The protagonist of this new "record" is the famous project of the collective Yuga Labs, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)

    Sotheby’s launches Metaverse, a platform dedicated to digital art on the Blockchain

    The new marketplace aims to create a virtual collection for the most sought after NFTs, creating a curated selection.

    The first NFT Magazine with a collectible cover is born

    The NFT Magazine drop is scheduled for November 2nd, the first collectible magazine to read and collect on Ethereum

    Vito Schnabel and Gary Vaynerchuk collaborate on a new NFT platform for artists

    ArtOfficial is the first independent auction site managed by a gallery and each of the NFT works sold on the platform will be accompanied by a live experience.

    The Crypt: an online museum for NFTs

    The Crypt, the new museum dedicated to NFTs, opens online on the Virtually World platform, created by Virtually Holdings Ltd

    Le Balene NFT da £ 290.000 di Benyamin Ahmed

    Benyamin Ahmed, un ragazzo di 12 anni, ha guadagnato £ 290.000 per aver creato immagini digitali e venduto token di loro proprietà che sono archiviati su blockchain.

    Art Basel: Simon Denny sells NFT in favor of Basel

    This is a simple and static work of Crypto Art, a black and white graph showing the steady rise in property prices during specific historical events

    Corriere della Sera and NFT: Andrea Bonaceto’s work on sale on Nifty Gateway

    Corriere della Sera created in collaboration with Crypto Artist Andrea Bonaceto the NFT of the first page of the moon landing.

    Buying NFT Rocks: Justin Sun has done it

    Pagare circa $ 500.000 per l’NFT di una roccia? Justin Sun, investitore Crypto, collezionista e fondatore della piattaforma Tron lo ha fatto.

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