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    “Artists Who Code”: the new NFT auction by Artsy

    Artsy, a marketplace for works of art, recently announced "Artists Who Code", an auction of generative NFTs created exclusively by women and non-binary artists

    A collective of Congolese artists created an NFT to fight colonialism

    A Non Fungible Token inspired by a colonialist statue has become a reason for redemption for a small Congolese village

    Sotheby’s: 104 NFT CryptoPunks withdrawn from sale

    La casa d’aste inglese lo scorso 23 febbraio aveva annunciato la grande vendita di una serie di CryptoPunks con una stima tra i 20 e i 30 milioni di dollari.

    The NFT Magazine: Antoni Tudisco on the cover of the fifth issue

    After crypto artists such as Hackatao and Dangiuz, Antoni Tudisco will be the next protagonist of the cover of The NFT Magazine

    May I love you? The NFT by Emiliano Ponzi and Giuliano Sangiorgi for Valentine’s Day on SuperRare

    Emiliano Ponzi, one of the most popular and sought-after illustrators in Italy and internationally, and Giuliano Sangiorgi, voice of the Negramaro, collaborated to create three digital works of art, dedicated to the kissing theme.

    Censored: Pak’s NFT project in collaboration with Julian Assange

    Crypto artist Pak has teamed up with Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, to launch a collection of NFT titled "Censored".

    Coachella enters the NFT World

    The Coachella festival has launched its NFT project in collaboration with FTX US, a series consisting of 3 different types of tokens

    The NFT Magazine: benefits and news with Hackatao and Montemagno

    The NFT Magazine Team is preparing for the drop of the # 04 Issue with Dangiuz and access to the pre-mint of the NFTs of Hackatao and Marco Montemagno.

    The ZKM museum has lost 2 NFT in the Ether

    One of the most famous German digital art museums has lost access to the 2 CryptoPunks in its collection

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