The most Expensive NFT digital artworks

    The 5 most expensive NFT works

    From the incredible Beeple Record to the sale of the DJ Steve Aoki …. Let’s find out what are the 5 more expensive NFT works!

    The world of Crypto Art seems to be unstoppable and sales of NFT works continue to record market records!

    What are the 5 most expensive NFT works of the moment?

    Chris Torres, Nyan Cat. Courtesy of Chris Torres

    5) Chris Torres, Nyan Cat $561,000, Febbraio 2021, Foundation 

    On the occasion of the tenth birthday of Nyan Cat, the famous animated gif of the flying kitten with the body of a sandwich and a rainbow wake behind him, his creator Chris Torres thought of transforming this meme into a NFT and then putting it on sale On the Foundation platform. Result? The work was sold for 300 Ether (approximately $ 561,000 at the award date)!

    Steve Aoki and Antoni Tudisco, hairy. Courtesy of the artist

    4) Steve Aoki and Anthony Tudisco, hairy, $888,888.88, Marzo 2021, Nifty Gateway

    By approaching the Tendency of the NFT the DJ and internationally renowned producer Steve Aoki has released a drop of 11 works entitled “Dreamcatcher”, in collaboration with the German Antoni Tudisco illustrator. One of these, hairy, a bizarre hairy puppet / human that is agitated with electronic music, last 9 March was sold to the record figure of almost $ 900 thousand, without knowing however that just two days later it would have been beaten by a new one Unthinkable primacy to discover in the first place of this ranking.

    Pak, Metarift. Courtesy of the artist

    3) Pak, Metarift, $904,413.47, Marzo 2021, MakersPlace

    The mysterious Crypto Artist Pak has been on everyone’s mouth for some time! The reason? The sale of the abstract Metarift NFT work, defined by users of the MakersPlace platform as “visual meditation”, seems to have opened the road to the future and highly anticipated April auction that will see Sotheby’s and the artist collaborate for the first time to an NFT charm In the history of the English auction house!

    Trevor James, Bitcoin Angel, 2021. Courtesy of the artist.

    2) Trevor Jones, Bitcoin Angel, $3.2 milioni, febbraio 2021, Nifty Gateway 

    The sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini meets the Crypto Art! Trevor Jones last February was able to sell 4157 editions of Bitcoin Angel work for $ 777 each in just seven minutes, thus reaching the overall record of $ 3.2 million.

    Beeple, Everydays-The First 5000 Days NFT. Courtesy of the artist and Christie_s

    1) Beeple, Everydays—The First 5000 Days, $69 millioni, March 2021, Christie’s

    The first place of this ranking is up to Beeple with the most extraordinary and unexpected sale of this period …! Last March 11th, Christie’s closes his first online auction in which he has a work NFT that from the initial assessment of $ 100 flies in a very short time to that record of $ 69 million! Beeple Thus find himself the third living artist most expensive in the world behind himself in Jeff Koons and David Hockney!

    And you, do know these record works?


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