Mahmood enters the world of NFT with Ghettolimpo

    Mahmood enters the world of NFT with Ghettolimpo

    Available NFTs inspired by the characters of “Ghettolimpo”, the new album by Mahmood, one of the first Italian artists to experiment with NFTs with the support of Art Rights and AmaZix.

    NFTs have fully entered in the world of music, as well as in that of contemporary art.

    Mahmood, author and singer esteemed on the Italian and international scene, after the excellent results achieved with “Gioventù bruciata” (platinum record) and the global success of “Soldi” (quadruple platinum record) with which he won the 69th edition of the Festival of Sanremo, returns with a new recording project, “Ghettolimpo“.

    “Ghettolimpo” represents an imaginary made up of two souls with many shades that are found and intersect in the lyrics of the album, an authentic record that takes inspiration from influences and references of life transformed into an artistic and sound dimension with multiple contaminations.

    The cover of Mahmood’s new album “Ghettolimpo”

    “I have always been interested in digital worlds – says Mahmood – and I was intrigued to try to experiment with NFTs: this is how special animations are born for my album characters that take on a new artistic and creative form”.

    For his entry into the world of NFT, Mahmood has launched an exclusive collection of digital works created by Lettergram, who oversaw the graphics of the album and translated the artist’s creative ideas: video animations depicting six of the avatars created by the singer who each correspond to a different imagery – Inuyasha, Rapide, Dorado, Klan, Kobra, and Zero – as well as the album logo and the teaser cover.

    The digital collectible works are available exclusively on the official website in limited copies, each attributable to a digital certificate that ensures their absolute uniqueness.

    Along with the works there are also physical bonuses, including the “Ghettolimpo” album on vinyl and in the exclusive cassette support as well as the official merchandising T-shirts.

    The operation saw the involvement of a pool of professionals to support Mahmood’s innovation and creativity.

    The artist has in fact collaborated with two companies with many years of experience in the NFT sector, whose consultancy has allowed the creation of the artworks: AmaZix, marketing and legal agency of the Blockchain world based in Hong Kong and a decentralized team of +80 experts of marketing, legal and award-winning creatives with whom he manages the strategic and implementation aspects for over 250 projects globally, in collaboration with Studio Simbula for the legal part; and Art Rights, an Italian art startup for the management and certification of physical and digital works with Blockchain technology since 2016 in support of Artists, Collectors and Professionals who, together with its founder Andrea Concas, have today created the largest Italian Art Tech community.

    Mahmood, who has always been attentive to news and eager to explore new ways to express his creativity, is one of the first Italian artists to experiment with this new form of art.

    “After the entry of art, the time has come for great music, an innovation that of the NFT that opens up new scenarios to collectibles, to fans of one of the greatest Italian artists, Mahmood” – says Andrea Concas, CEO of Art Rights.

    The Simbula Law Firm has dealt with all aspects related to new technologies, blockchain and NFT, as well as in relation to the critical issues underlying the protection of consumer rights and the relationships between the different players involved and the copyright issues of the artist.

    This is the first case in Italy of general conditions of sale particularly structured on the basis of the peculiarity of the project.

    “Combining NFT technologies and the best Italian creativity in the field of music and design, required a considerable effort of the various teams who worked together on this operation, which I thank: it was not easy to manage the many technical and regulatory challenges posed from this completely new medium” testified Paolo Anziano, founder of AmaZix.

    A one-of-a-kind collaboration that sees the world of music make its entry into that of NFTs flanked by a pool of experienced professionals.

    With this new project, Art Rights continues to innovate, supporting the world of creativity and continuing its collaborations with major Italian and international realities.


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