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    The first NFT Magazine with a collectible cover is born

    The NFT Magazine drop is scheduled for November 2nd, the first collectible magazine to read and collect on Ethereum

    NFT: Sardinia devastated by fires, crypto art comes to the rescue. Antonio Marras, Mahmood, Hackatao among the artists involved.

    Crypto Arte supports Sardinia, devastated by fires, thanks to artists such as Antonio Marras, HACKATAO, Mahmood and many others

    Banksy’s NFT work “Spike” at auction

    Up for auction is the work Spike, created by Banksy in 2005 and now transformed into NFT thanks to the collaboration with the Valuart platform.

    The explosive drop of Cai Guo Qiang with TR Lab

    Transient Eternity — 101 Ignitions of Gunpowder Paintings is the name of the NFT created by Cai, on sale starting July 14

    DotPigeon for sale at Christie’s

    The famous auction house Christie's has announced the second edition of the Trespassing auction, online from 9 to 22 July

    Katy Perry launches her first NFTs

    The singer recently announced the launch of her first NFTs created in collaboration with Theta Network

    Justin Sun wins Warhol’s NFT artwork for $ 2.8 million

    The collector and founder of Tron Justin Sun has been awarded the NFT work "Three Self-Portraits" by Warhol

    Mahmood enters the world of NFT with Ghettolimpo

    Available NFTs inspired by the characters of "Ghettolimpo", the new album by Mahmood, one of the first Italian artists to experiment with NFTs

    Robert Wilson is selling a video portrait of Lady Gaga as an NFT

    Renowned theater director and artist Robert Wilson recently coined a 2013 video portrait of pop star Lady Gaga as NFT

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