MARCO GENZINI – the art collector

    The key points of collecting

    The world of art collecting is constantly evolving.

    Risks and problems of the art market, encourage collectors to take precautions, to create art collections with awareness.
    The dialogue with the collector Marco Genzini offers interesting points of view on the art system and its dynamics.

    Creating, managing, enhancing and protecting collections to their best have now become key points for the careful collector.

    The passion for collecting often leads to create tailor-made art collections, where the tastes of the individual meet a wide choice in the international art scene.

    But such a wide and eclectic choice does not allow us to overlook key points that guarantee the growth of our art collection.

    Key points of art collecting have become:

    • Study, research and knowledge of the world of art galleries with which establish a confidential relationship, given their professionalism and their profound knowledge of the system, to support artists with a long-term horizon
    • Launch of a due diligence process for the purchase of works of art, with particular attention to provenance and then to the accompanying documentation
    • Follow a precise and accurate filing, constantly updating the history of works of art to enhance the entire collection
    • Attention to the Certificate of Authenticity, without which the collector could not guarantee a generational change and therefore the future of his collection

    With this in mind, Marco Genzini, CEO of the Emmegi Group, a company that operates in the field of services and consulting for business communication, is facing the legacy of his father Oreste’s art collection.

    Marco Genzini has collecting in the “blood”, in fact during the ’60s and’ 70s, the Genzini family has collected artists such as Burri, Fontana, Tano Festa and Mario Schifano, and produced catalogs to support the artists; in its second generation, the collection has found space inside the Milan offices, integrating perfectly with the environment.

    Over the years the relationship with art galleries, the attention to new artistic proposals and an eye to cataloging, archiving and certificates of authenticity of the works in the collection, have guaranteed Marco Genzini to build an eclectic and international ensemble that follows precise and personal choices.

    Let’s find out something more about the collector Marco Genzini  thanks to the interview of Andrea Concas, CEO and Founder of Art Rights.

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