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    In October, all the eyes of the art world were focused on London for the London Frieze Week, with some unmissable events.

    Among these, the Contemporary Art Evening Auction by Sotheby’s, which presented the work “Devolved Parliament” by Banksy, reaching a new sales record for the English street artist …
    Let’s find out what happened and the background.

    The “Contemporary Art Evening Auction” of Sotheby’s attracts all the attention of collectors and art professionals every year in early October.

    The protagonists of the last auction sale were Jean-Michel Basquiat with is “Pyro” work sold for 9.879.500 pounds, and the most famous and mysterious street artist in the world, Banksy, who reached the world record with “Devolved Parliament” recording the sale of 11 million euros and exceeding the precedent by almost 10 times for the work Girl with Balloon, which was destroyed as soon as it was awarded.

    The monumental work is an oil on canvas measuring 2.5 x 4.2 meters realized in 2009, exhibited on the occasion of the famous exhibition Banksy versus Bristol Museum visited by over 300 thousand people and bought by a private individual in 2011, who remained the only owner until the auction sale.

    Many, however, have noticed numerous differences in the canvas compared to that exhibited in 2009, a sign that Banksy presumably modified the work in the two years that separate the exhibition at the Bristol Museum and the first sale of the artwork.

    Not only that, the canvas has changed its title: from “Question Time” to “Devolved Parliament” where “devolved” means the evolutionary regression represented by the English Parliament populated by monkeys in a chaotic and confusing environment in heated controversy against Brexit.

    The auction base established by Sotheby’s was 1.5 million pounds, but it took only 13 minutes to start a real “upward battle” which ended with the awarding of the work for 9, 8 million pounds.

    A historic day for Banksy, who did not miss the opportunity to comment on the sale with a polemical post on Instagram: “Too bad it’s no longer mine”.

    The canvas has a well documented history and has been certified by the Pest Control, company created by the same artist who is responsible for authenticating, certifying and controlling his works to avoid fakes and wrong attributions.

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