NFT the new complete guide by Amelia Tomasicchio

    NFT the new complete guide by Amelia Tomasicchio

    Amelia Tomasicchio presents a practical and exhaustive guide to fully understand all the secrets of the NFT Non Fungible Token.

    Copertina del libro di Amelia Tomasicchio

    NFTs, the non-fungible tokens that are talked about so much, took hold in 2021, after a millionaire sale by the American artist Beeple

    But NFTs originated much earlier, and are not only linked to the art world, but they are also giving an epochal turning point.

    This blockchain-based technology has multiple applications and enormous potential, largely still to be explored: from gaming to metaverses, from collecting to marketing, from social media to publishing.

    Amelia Tomasicchio, digital marketing expert, co-founder and director of the online magazine “The Cryptonomist”, retraces in this book the history of NFTs, their economic implications as unique and non-interchangeable assets, their technological foundations, dilemmas and opportunities in digital markets, the links with cryptocurrencies, the stories of the protagonists and companies he has met in the sector.

    The result is an agile, practical and complete guide that will allow you to discover all the secrets of NFTs, the true technological revolution of the blockchain after cryptocurrencies.

    Cover image: Copyright (c) 2021 ded pixto/Shutterstock


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