Opportunities for The NFT Magazine Artists on Nifty Gateway

    Opportunities for The NFT Magazine Artists on Nifty Gateway

    The NFT Magazine wants to meet new talented crypto artists and launches a call with a drop on the Nifty Gateway

    Open Call by The NFT Magazine

    After reporting and celebrating the best artists in the world with The NFT Magazine and the book Crypto Art – Begins , the time has come to support the new and talented Crypto Artists who every month will be able to join the Readers Gallery community and become the protagonists of the next drop on Nifty Gateway.

    From today 12 December for 10 days and from January 2023, a FREE call to action reserved for Crypto Artists will be open every month to propose AN UNPUBLISHED NFT.

    For each call of The NFT Magazine a maximum of 3 CRYPTO ARTISTS will be selected as follows:

    • A crypto artist selected by Readers Gallery members ;
    • A crypto artist selected by the editorial staff of The NFT Magazine;
    • A crypto artist selected by public vote by the Web3 community



    • Participating artists must submit only unpublished NFT works and never published on any NFT sales platform
    • You are a crypto artist, a designer, a creative by profession
    • Already have a valid Nifty Gateway account as a creator
    • Accept to sell the NFT on Nifty Gateway in Open Edition for 24h at a fixed price between $1 and $50
    • Believing in the future of Crypto Art and the Web3


    • Entry into The NFT Magazine Readers Gallery and an official Nifty Gateway drop
    • Revenue share included in the smart contract: 80% to the artist, 20% to the Readers Gallery
    • Readers Gallery Community to participate in the following month’s drop by selling another UNPUBLISHED NFT of your choice at a price ranging from $30/50
    • Interview dedicated to the artist in the next issue of The NFT Magazine
    • Be involved in physical exhibitions and events or in the Metaverse

    The application for the call opens from today 12 December 2022 for 10 days and then every month.

    It is possible to nominate only one UNPUBLISHED NFT work each month: if it is not selected, it is possible to nominate it in the calls of the following months.



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