Profession: Exhibition Registrar

    The professional specialised in artworks handling

    Museums and public and private institutions have numerous skills in their staff, including the Exhibition Registrar, a multidisciplinary professional who controls the movement of works of art, in their incoming and outgoing loan phase.

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    The Exhibition Registrar has historical-artistic, administrative, technical-logistical and conservation skills for the protection of works.

    His tasks vary according to the nature of the institution, but in general he deals with the movement of the works in complete safety and specifically:

    • Prepares loan documents and manages all the part relating to the logistics of the work and the necessary authorizations (insurance, packaging and shipment) 
    • He guarantees the protection and conservation of the artwork, and during the handling phase he may have the task of accompanying the work in its transfer, from the moment of packaging to the preparation
    • Creates and manages an historical archive containing all the documentation and all the loans received and granted by the institution over time
    • He works with architects and exhibition designers to ensure that the installation responds to the requests of lenders and the safety of the works

    The Registrar can also be declined in two different roles, which can be performed by the same person or by two different figures:

    • Outgoing or Loans Registrar which takes care of all outgoing loans
    • Exhibitions Registrar which has to do with incoming loans.

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