The Role of an Art Gallerist Today

    A complex figure in constant evolution.

    As an artist, collector, and curator it is important to be familiar with the role of an art gallerist.

    Here is why…


    Today, more than ever, the gallerist plays a fundamental role in the art world to guarantee and encourage the success of an artist or the growth of a high-quality art collection.
    Being a good gallerist requires having a strong artistic expertise and excellent managerial skills, qualities that must be supported by a great professionalism not necessarily derived from a specific background, but mainly oriented in the commitment and attention towards the growth of the artists and his own gallery.

    The main tasks of the gallerist include:

    • The selection and promotion of artists with the aim of consolidating and increasing their artistic and commercial value;
    • The exhibition and sale of works by artists with whom he maintains close connections based on mutual esteem at his gallery, museums, institutions, auctions, private sales or other occasions;
    • The enlargement of contacts between curators, collectors, museums, critics, journalists and other protagonists of the art world;
    • The regular updating on the evolution of the art scene;
    • The participation, with a careful selection of artists, at national and international fairs.

    There are many challenges that a gallerist must face, who often for the implementation of exhibition projects sustains high investment costs based exclusively on the relationship of trust with the artist and on the insight for a certain project that might lead to success, and possibly catch the attentions of the collectors and museums.

    The artists and collectors should never underestimate the important role of the gallerist, who becomes the main partner to rely on for a solid professional growth, and a trustful key figure to get in advance  information on works and artists of interest, necessary for the formation of one’s own art collection.


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