SIMONE FUGAZZOTTO – Interview with the artist

    Being a professional artist requires transversal skills and capabilities, which can not always be acquired in an academic context.

    The art world is full of risks and the possibility of failure is just around the corner, especially if your artistic production is not protected and managed at best.

    The interview with the artist Simone Fugazzotto allows us to understand the stages of the path of a professional artist and the difficulties to be faced.

    The career of an artist is not just about the living closed in the studio, but once the production of the works is completed, it is essential to manage the next promotion, valorization and sale steps.
    The artist, as a professional, must be able on one hand to build a valid management system of the whole accompanying documentation, on the other hand to create a network of art players able to support him.
    The key points of the artist’s profession are:
    • During the emerging phase, select gallerists that are able to support and promote the career of their artist according to a project of growth and collaboration;
    • Cultivating a lasting relationship of mutual trust, with collectors who believe in the vision and growth of the artist;
    • To manage a tidy and precise artworks archive, in order to keep track of the works, to protect and enhance the artistic production, in favor of collectors and professionals in the sector;
    • Being able to develop a communication strategy with the aim of building a solid base of enthusiasts who follow the progress of the artist over time;

    Thanks to these fundamental key points, today the artist Simone Fugazzotto has built a solid base of collectors all over the world, established relationships with professionals of the art system and his works are exhibited in important museums and art galleries in the world .

    Simone Fugazzotto’s path to become a professional artist started from Milan up to New York, relating himself with two totally different artistic worlds and learning to make a living from his art.

    Let’s get to know the artist Simone Fugazzotto thanks to the interview with Andrea Concas, CEO e Founder di Art Rights. 

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