The 5 books that explain the art system

    Everything you need to know about the world of art and its protagonists

    The art system is complex and has dark sides on which it is necessary to clarify

    If you are looking for punctual readings that will help you deepen your knowledge of the world of art and its protagonists, here are 5 books that you cannot miss. 

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    Andrea Concas, “Professione ARTE”

    Professione Arte, published in 2020, is a guide to explore the art system, deepening the knowledge of its protagonists and the dynamics that regulate its market. Professione Arte aims to offer an access key to those who want to turn art in their profession, in fact the author with the #ArteConcasTALKS presents, at the opening of some chapters, short unpublished testimonies of over 40 great national and international professionals such as gallery owners, collectors, curators, museum directors, art advisors, lawyers, market experts, who clarify the new strategies, rights, duties and responsibilities.

    With the voices of the internationals Georgina Adam, Donald Thompson, Magnus Resch or the Italians Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Caroline Corbetta, Giuseppe Calabi, Giorgio Fasol, Italo Carli and many others. Finally, Professione Arte highlights the great possibilities offered by new technologies and methodologies applied to the world of art such as Blockchain ,  Artificial Intelligence, Wealth Management and Art Lending.

    Francesco Poli, “Il sistema dell’arte contemporanea”

    Francesco Poli’s book presents the history of the art system, focusing on some of its protagonists, such as galleries, museums, curators and, of course, artists. Francesco Poli carefully explains the birth of the circuits of production, circulation, sale and enhancement of contemporary art, always taking into consideration the link between aesthetic and economic value of the work of art.

    Georgina Adam, “Dark side of the boom. The Excesses of the Art Market in the Twenty-First Century

    Georgina Adam, art market editor for The Art Newspaper and contributor for The Financial Times sheds light on the dark side of the art system, revealing the most scandalous behind the scenes of an often opaque and poorly regulated market. Georgina Adam shows what lies behind the glossy vernissages in museums and galleries and behind the breathtaking records of Christie’s and Sotheby’s. Furthermore, Georgina Adam analyzes the recent boom in art investments and the implications that this has caused, such as the spread of artists branded as goods, the increase in scams and fakes, the changes on the way of producing and selling artworks.

    Donald Thompson, “The Orange Balloon Dog: Bubbles, Turmoil and Avarice in the Contemporary Art Market

    The economist Donald Thompson unveils the plots of the art market, conceived as a large speculative bubble. According to Thompson, art has become a form of creative investment and the collector a speculator with a nose for easy and immediate gains. Crazy figures, reckless auctions, few gatekeepers who hold power: this is the scenario of the art market, where the artist emerges in all his powerlessness and vulnerability.

    Magnus Resch, “Management of Art Galleries” 

    “Management of Art Galleries” è is a guide which identifies how to manage a successful gallery . Based on the results of an anonymous survey sent to over 8,000 galleries in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany, Magnus Resch describes the world of galleries, focusing on sales activities, the approach to new markets and new customers.


    Discover more about the system and the art market with his dark sides only on Professione Arte 

    Are you ready to turn art into your profession?


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