The art collection of the Chamber of Deputies

    The art collection of the Chamber of Deputies

    An online website to learn about the artistic heritage of the Chamber of Deputies

    The Chamber of Deputies digitizes its art collection and makes the artistic heritage kept in the rooms of Montecitorio accessible to all. is a rich platform to see not only the works owned by the Chamber, but also the deposits granted by some of the most important Italian museums, such as the Uffizi, the National Galleries of Ancient Art, the Pinacoteca di Brera, the National Museum of Capodimonte, the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art.

    The collection is made up of works – such as paintings, sculptures, tapestries – such as the “Portrait of Doge Francesco Donà” from Titian’s workshop, “The Wedding at Cana” attributed to the school of Paolo Veronese, the “Portrait of Napoleon Emperor and ‘Italia ”by Andrea Appiani.

    Added to these are the works of contemporary artists such as Giorgio Morandi, Mario Sironi, Giorgio De Chirico, Renato Guttuso, Carlo Carrà, Maria Lai and those closely linked to the memory of the Institution, such as the collection of busts of nineteenth-twentieth-century political figures.

    For each of the works included in the portal (whose information is homogeneous with the criteria established by the General Catalog of Cultural Heritage) it is possible to deepen the knowledge through information sheets (with technical data such as the author, the dating, the subject, the technique and the dimensions), a high resolution photographic kit and links to the main online resources (for example the Treccani Encyclopedia, the Europeana catalog and the SBN).

    The digitization of the images and the information equipment that accompanies them represents an important step forward in terms of the use and enhancement of the Italian artistic and cultural heritage.

    “With this project”, declares the President of the Chamber, Roberto Fico, “Montecitorio continues its path of opening and enhancing the historical, documentary and artistic heritage, all the more precious in a phase in which visits and exhibitions are suspended due to sanitary emergency. Citizens will be able to discover the treasures kept by the Chamber as in a virtual exhibition, a way to make available works of great historical and artistic value that belong to our community “.

    The publication of the works will be a work in progress that will lead to progressive expansions of the mass of published works, making the portal a living and constantly changing tool.

    For this reason, the construction of a complete and updated Digital Archive becomes essential, in which it is possible to catalog all the works with the data and documents necessary to establish their authenticity and origin.

    Among the most advanced tools we find Art Rights, the platform for the management and certification of works of art with Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence, which allows you to build your own Digital Archive in complete privacy and security.

    And you, are you ready to discover the art collection of the Chamber of Deputies?

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