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    What is the historian of the work of art and what are its functions

    Behind every work of art there is a story that starts from the moment of its creation and continues over time following the various changes of ownership.

    Tracing all these stages means determining the authenticity and with it the economic and cultural value of the work of art. 

    In the art world we talk about the Historian of a work of art and it consists of that set of information that reconstructs the current state of the work of art in terms of:

    • Properties
    • Archiving
    • Provenance 
    • Auction Houses
    • Economic and Cultural Rights 

    The Art Manager, the management software of Art Rights that allows you to manage your collection and collection of works of art through Blockchain technology, offers the possibility to create and keep always updated the History of your works by filling in the following fields:

    Brief description of the work

    The description includes all the details that characterize the work and that are not requested in the WORK OF ART section. These include the series, the presence of a frame, the use of specific materials, the composition etc..

    Internal Inventory 

    Sometimes Artists, Collectors, Galleries or Archives already have an internal management of the works so it is possible to add an identification code used internally.

    The origin of the work

    In this field it is possible to enter details about the Provenance of the work, that is all the steps that the work has taken between collectors, fairs, galleries and more. It is also possible to insert the relative documentation.

    Ownership of the work

    This section is dedicated to the various passages of property that have marked the life of the work, attested by precise documentation such as Acts of Sale or Change of Ownership.

    Commissioned work

    In case of commissioned work, it is possible to select the client, who can be a collector, a gallery owner, a foundation or any other type of public or private entity. It is also possible to insert the date and the document certifying the commission. 

    Authenticated work

    If the work has already been previously authenticated, it is necessary to enter the type of certifier, which can be the artist himself, the heirs, the archive, the foundation or the gallery owner, among others. It is also possible to enter the Authentication currently held or issued.

    Archived Work

    If the work is part of an artist’s archive or a foundation, it is possible to enter the date of inclusion, the archive number and the related documentation.

    Auction house

    If the work has been auctioned you can complete the information regarding: 

    • The auction house and the department
    • Lot number
    • The minimum estimate
    • The maximum estimate
    • The hammer price
    • The Buyer’s Premium

    Economic and Cultural Rights

    Under copyright law, the artist exercises cultural and economic rights over the work such as:

    • Public display rights
    • Rental and lending rights
    • Right of Publication
    • Right of disclosure and communication
    • Right of marketing
    • Paper reproduction right
    • Online reproduction right

    Free Movement

    If the work has been destined for an EU or international shipment, it is possible to register and enter the type of document accompanying the shipment, such as the Certificate of Free Movement, the Export or Temporary Import License, the Self-certification for Contemporary Art or the EU License of Circulation.

    Art Rights is a complete, smart and innovative platform that allows you to manage all the information about your artworks in a single space in total privacy and security. 

    What about you, have you tried Art Rights yet?

    Photo Credits: Les amateurs d’estampes – Honoré Daumier (1862)

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